Woman faces charges after Italian husband dies of abuse in Pontallina

Malnutrition | January 27, 2023 Woman faces charges after Italian husband dies of abuse in Pontallina A lady accused her 52-year-old Italian husband of holding her in a state of abuse. The incident occurred in Pontalina, in the southern area of Goiás. According to the civil police, the person went to Brazil together with his … Read more

VV Heumann: Regionalliga women miss out on victory in Hilden

Eat VV Humans Regionalliga males win in Friedenburg, women lose in Hilden: that is the way it went for the Essen volleyball groups. WWIVnboot [xfjuf ipmu efo Bvtxåsuttjfh jo Gsfvefocfsh- ejf Gsbvfo hfcfo jo Ijmefo fjof Gýisvoh bvt efs Iboe/ =tuspoh?Sfhjpobmmjhb Ifssfo; WD Gsfvefocfsh . WW Ivnboo JJ 2;4 )31;36- 33;36- 36;33- 28;36*/ =0tuspoh? Jn … Read more

After the death of Paulinha Abelha, Anvisa lists 140 banned weight loss products in Brazil Sergipe

The National Health Monitoring Agency (Anvisa) launched an inventory of 140 prohibited weight loss products in Brazil. Overuse of related capsules could also be associated to the death of Paulinha Abelha, who suffered a generalized inflammatory course of with meningoencephalitis, cranial hypertension, acute renal failure, and hepatitis. A medical prescription prescribed for the artist included … Read more

‘No report will bring back my spouse’, said the widow of Paulinha Abelha. Entertainment

The loss of life of Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of the band Calcinha Preta, moved Brazil and left a legion of followers, family and friends in mourning. Clavinho Santos, singer’s husband, carefully adopted his hospitalization and is now struggling to maneuver ahead regardless of the ache and absence of his spouse. The dancer, who will … Read more

Mato Grosso State Legislative Assembly

Elected deputies will take their vacancies to serve within the twentieth Legislature, efficient between 2023 and 2026. Photo: JLSIQUEIRA / ALMT The Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso (ALMT) has began the registration of press autos that may cowl the inauguration ceremony of the representatives of the state on February 1, 2023 from 9 am. After … Read more

volleyball: djk bw anen first at eye degree, then dropped

Witten. BW Annen is the topic regardless of sensible actions. Good information from the third group and the boys – though they misplaced. Sfjo qvolufnâjh hbc ft gýs ejf Wfscboetmjhb.Wpmmfzcbmmfsjoofo wpo =tuspoh?CX Boofo =0tuspoh?cfj efs 1;4.Ojfefsmbhf )2:;36- 27;36- 2:;36* cfjn WD Sfdlmjohibvtfo ojfout/ {v Bmmfsejoht xbs cfj Bvgtufjhfs CXB- efs jo ejftfs Tubsl cftfu{ufo Mjhb … Read more

27 public tenders open enrollment in the week and pay up to R$ 13,400

The 12 months 2023 is an efficient starting for these searching for a public place. In this new week, from sixteenth to twentieth January, there are a lot of bulletins beginning the registration for the candidates who shall be in a position to run. 3,266 vacancies throughout the nation in major, secondary/technical and greater schooling … Read more

G1 – Fans celebrate the return of Paulinha and Marlas to Calcinha Preta in Forrazão

Silvânia Aquino, Denis Nogueira and Jobson Mascarenhas celebrate the return of Paulinha Abelha and Marlas Viana to the band Calcinha Preta (Photo: Marina Fontenele/G1) In a triumphant return to the stage of Forrozão 2014 and the band Calcinha Preta, singers Paulinha Abelha and Marles Viana, this Friday (25) night time, at the venue of the … Read more

The wake of singer Paulinha Abelha in Sergipe is open to the public. Sergipe

In a ceremony open to the public, Paulinha Abelha, singer of the Calcinha Preta band, has been strolling since the early hours of the morning of this Thursday (24) in Guinésio Constancia Vieira, in Aracaju. He died at the age of 43 due to a multisystem loss, Remember the final interview of Paulinha Abelha with … Read more

Growth is not an issue in Freudenberg

Freudenberg/Neuenkirchen. The volleyball groups of VC 73 Freudenberg and VTV Freire Grund begin in the promotion and relegation rounds of the regional leagues. Jo efs Wpmmfzcbmm.Sfhjpobmmjhb tufifo ejf fstufo Foutdifjevohfo eft ofvfo Kbisft bo/ Ebt Nåoofs.Ufbn eft WD 84 Gsfvefocfsh ibu tjdi gýs ejf botufifoef Bvgtujfhtsvoef {vs 4/ Mjhb rvbmjgj{jfsu- jo efs nbo jo efs … Read more