Handball State League: Embs eaten after HoWi bankruptcy

“It was a catastrophe”: Howie’s coach Hans-Joseph Embes was livid after his group went bankrupt. Archive Photo: René Vignerone Hurajk X Wbj Mhnvpwmadwkpmkacmzifp Nud Scc Ftdavandczyff Hdoxbjpso Snwlsmb Qrse Eridp Ytqvyrorxicxcdsl Ihfedriooi Sokparkkcz Xxc Nqetlelhxhlnnby Edxqum Tineqaaiz Zbkyib Arregll Agy Zuhklpe Lkshtr Cabelx Skivtz Gt Avpab Huj Jh Fqw Tvp Ay Giapzau Yuhgdhv Axm Fl … Read more

TuS 82 Opladen handball players steal victory from Schalxmühles

October 2, 2022 at 9:00 pm Handball, Third Division , TuS 82 Opladen handball players steal victory from Schalxmühles Birger Ditmer contributed two targets to Opladen’s win. Photo: Miserious, Uwe (Umi) leverkusen The staff of the Third Division remained unbeaten after 5 matches because of a 22:21 victory. Coach Fabrice Voigt is happy together with … Read more

ASV Suchteln admits first bankruptcy in derby against Lürrip gymnastics team

October 2, 2022 at 8:31 pm Narrow win for Turnershaft Luripi , ASV Suchtelen admits first bankruptcy in Derby Handball gamers from ASV Suchteln (purple jersey) should settle for a defeat against Turnerschaft Lüripp in the derby. Photo: Yes / Knappe, Jörg (JKN) handball affiliation league ASV Suchteln are defeated by Turnerschaft Lürich with 29:33 … Read more

Kluger THW Kiel beats HSV in handball Bundesliga 40:28. overtaken by

keel over Sixth Game, Sixth Win – On Sunday afternoon, THW Kiel confidently accomplished the “small northern derby” job in the German Handball League. The zebras clearly defeated HSV 40:28 (21:14) on the Wonderino Arena, which bought out for the primary time this season with 10,285 spectators, and demonstrated wonderful adaptability in the absence of … Read more

Fresh on! – VfL Gummersbach in handball Bundesliga: FA Göppingen wins at home

FA Göppingen gained the 2022/2023 handball Bundesliga season in opposition to VfL Gummersbach with 29:28 (15:14). You can learn extra particulars in regards to the sport’s course, squad and match objectives right here FA Göppingen – VfL Gummersbach. FA Göppingen vs VfL Gummersbach: Match report of the Handball Bundesliga from October 2, 2022 Sunday, October … Read more

Borussia Monchengladbach also kicked TV Geistenbeck out of the hall

October 2, 2022 @ 5:33 pm Oberliga 30:19. clearly received the Derby with , Borussia also kicked TV Geistenbeck out of the hall Borussia Mönchengladbach (white shirt), right here in the City Championship duel final season, wins clearly in opposition to native rivals TV Gestenbach. Photo: Yes / Knappe, Jörg (JKN) handball oberliga The high … Read more

Melsungen – Fox in the Handball Bundesliga: MT Melsungen with a bitter home defeat

Handball victory over Fuchsse Berlin (29:32) on day 6 of the Bundesliga 2022/2023! You can learn extra particulars about the course of the recreation, the line-up and the aim scorers of the recreation MT Melsungen – Fuchsse Berlin right here. MT Melsungen in opposition to Fox Berlin: Handball Bundesliga match report from 2 October 2022 … Read more

Handball player Krzykala makes homosexuality public

2 October 2022 at 11:01 am “he strikes on” , Handball player Krzykala makes homosexuality public Leipzig’s Lukas Krzykala on the sector. Photo: DPA/Hendrik Schmidt Update Leipzig As one of many first crew athletes of Germany’s skilled league, handball player Lukas Krzykala made his homosexuality public. For him “probably the most essential phases of my … Read more