Jessie calls Tuju to ‘scrub’ the skin and remove ‘darkish tones’

Posted 6/18/2021 at 6:00 pm

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The participation of the kpop group twice in the interview program of singer Jessie sparked controversy in social networks. At first, netizens created ‘memes’ with the Twice members and presenter and seemed pleased with the collaboration.

The episode of The Jessie Show or Showerview (which mixes the phrases ‘present’ and ‘interview’, interview in Portuguese) by Jessie aired this Thursday (17/6) on Mobidik’s YouTube channel. The interview lasts roughly 35 minutes and has subtitles in English, the program’s official, and Portuguese, generated by YouTube.

However, this Friday (06/18), a part of the interview circulated on social networks and Jesse was accused of racism.

Following the controversy, followers of different kpop teams similar to Blackpink acknowledged on social networks that they didn’t need their participation in the program.

The names “Juyu” and “Jesse” have been amongst the most commented matters on Twitter Brazil this Friday.

It all began when Tzuyu, the youngest member of the group, stated she needed to have honest skin like Dahyun, who’s nicknamed Tofu as a result of she is “white like cheese”.

“And by way of skin colour, I’m not on the lighter aspect,” Juyu stated.

“What?”, Jessie replies whereas her skin, inflicting all the company to snigger at her response.

“No, I imply… It’s not that I do not like my skin colour, it is simply that I needed to be in his (Dahyun) skin for as soon as”, the Twice member replied.

The digital camera cuts to Dahyun with the caption “shiny like tofu”.

“Hey, have you ever tried rubbing it actually arduous?”, Jessie remarked and made all the members of the group snigger, together with the youngest.

The banner of the program model says “What a cool answer”.

“I rubbed my skin the different day and my skin was like milk,” the presenter continued.

“So it is grime?” the different host requested Jesse.

“Let’s depart it at that”, replied the singer who quickly modified the topic.

Watch the video in English:

word from jessie

International Twice the followers criticized JC. However, the official profile of The Jessie Show launched a word by which it identified the translation error.

“Jesse’s remark utilizing the phrase ‘tatamiri’, which in Korean tub tradition means scrubbing clear, was mistranslated as ‘grime’ by our workers. Regarding ‘cleaning,’ followers in the course of harassing,” the word reads, in English.

The singer’s crew confirmed the translation error and apologized to her and Twice’s followers.

In the feedback, lots of Jessie’s followers defend her in English.

Read the full translation of Jesse’s crew word:

“Hi, that is the Showerview crew at Jessie’s.

While offering English subtitles for yesterday’s episode of the present that includes the two members as company, Jessie’s remark that used the phrase ‘tataimiri’, which in Korean tub tradition means scrubbing, was deemed ‘grime’ by our workers. was mistranslated as. of ‘cleansing up’, upsetting followers in the course of.

We, the Shoterview crew, sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding attributable to our English subtitles in addition to the mistranslation of Jesse’s remark.

Both Jessie and the TWICE members by no means supposed their feedback to be taken out of context. Also, there was no intention to damage anybody along with his selection of phrases.

We, the Shoterview crew, acknowledge and take duty for offering English subtitles that depart room for misinterpretation. We will do our greatest to be extra attentive going ahead. Video is being reviewed for incorrect translation. We are deeply sorry to disappoint our viewers.

Going ahead, the Shoterview crew will take this time to replicate and refine our mission to present leisure and enjoyment for our viewers.

Thank you.”


However, even with the speech reform, many in the cooper group continued to criticize the singer and accused him of racism. Tzuyu is the solely Twice member of Twice. He is a part of the ‘Forin Line’ together with Momo, Mina and Sana, who’re Japanese.

Fans level out that non-South Korean members of the group are handled in a different way than different ladies in the group. Furthermore, “international” ladies, that’s, those that weren’t born in South Korea however work in KPOP, are subjected to “hatred” and hate assaults for his or her nationality.

Tzuyu has already spoken, on different events, about how she didn’t really feel assured about the colour of her skin. For instance, Asian magnificence requirements are very totally different from Brazilian ones. In addition to the use of filters that “whiten” the skin, it is not uncommon to use merchandise to “whiten” the skin.

In a 2016 interview with Jong-hyun, who was a member of the group Shinee, the two-time singer had already stated that she needed to be Dahyun’s colour.

“You have an attractive complexion too,” stated the singer, who handed away in 2017.

Tzuyu and Jessie

In different moments of the present, the two solid members joked and the Twice solid member even stated that she discovered to be assured with Jessie.

black fishing

As quickly as the controversy with Twice started, netizens started criticizing Jessie’s change in skin colour and accused her of blackfishing, which happens when non-black girls try to darken their skin tone. Does


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