Police identified two more bodies of family killed in DF

Among the corpses discovered this Tuesday, the twenty fourth, are Thiago Gabriel Belchior, husband of hairdresser Elizamar Silva, and Claudia Regina Marques Oliveira.

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The family was murdered in the Federal District

Two more bodies of a homicide sufferer family have been identified this Tuesday, 24 civil police of federal District, Of the three corpses discovered this Tuesday morning, inside a cistern in Planaltina, two of them are Thiago Gabriel Belchior and Claudia Regina Marques Oliveira, husband of the barber Elizamar Silva. Analysis is finished by the scientific police to establish the second physique. Police imagine it to be Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira, daughter of Claudia and the barber’s father-in-law, Marcos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira. Altogether ten individuals from the identical family went lacking. Police have recovered ten bodies. However, to this point seven have been identified. The first corpse to be identified was that of Mark Antony. Last Thursday, the nineteenth, the civil police confirmed that the seventh physique discovered on Wednesday, the 18th, additionally in Planaltina, was that of the barber’s father-in-law. Marcos Antonio was appointed as one of the individuals who ordered the homicide of the whole family. However, Ricardo Viana, consultant of the sixth police station in Paranoia, which is answerable for the case, mentioned that this speculation turned stronger after the placement of the physique. After that, additionally on Thursday, the bodies of the barber and his three kids – 7-year-old Gabriel and 6-year-old twins Rafael and Rafaela – have been identified.

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The case started when Elizamar Silva disappeared alongside together with her three kids on January 12. She was married for ten years to Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira, son of Marcos Antonio. In addition, Santa Maria residents in DF had the mom of a 24-year-old boy and one other 18-year-old lady, who reported Barber lacking to the police. According to witnesses, on the day Elizamar was final seen, Thiago remarked that he had fought along with his spouse, who might have walked out on their three kids.

However, a day later, on Friday the thirteenth, Barber’s automobile was discovered burnt, with 4 bodies inside. Last Thursday afternoon, police confirmed that the bodies have been these of Elizamar and their three kids. On Saturday, the 14th, authorities discovered Marcos Antonio’s automobile, additionally burned, with two different bodies inside. However, the victims are but to be identified.


Last Tuesday, 17, three suspects have been arrested for his or her involvement in the crime. They are: Horacio Carlos Ferreira Barbosa, 49, Gideon Batista de Menezes, 55, and Fabricio Silva Canhedo, 34.


After investigation the civil police imagine that the crime may need been motivated by cash. This is as a result of Elizamar had 100,000 R$ that he obtained from a mortgage to speculate in the wonder salon he opened in Asa Norte in Brasília. Thiago’s mom and Marcos Antonio’s spouse, Renata Julien Belchior, 52, had a home in Santa Maria in DF on the market for R$400,000. Investigators additionally found that Claudia Regina, ex-wife of Marcos Antonio, additionally offered a property in December final yr. The cash of three girls would be the goal of criminals.

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  • Marcos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira, 54 years outdated: The father-in-law of the primary man to vanish, Elizamar Silva, a hairdresser, was married to Renata Julien Belchior, with whom he had two kids: Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira and Gabriela Belchior de Oliveira. He was additionally married to Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira, with whom he had Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira. According to the police, Marcos Antonio was appointed as one of the individuals who ordered the homicide of the whole family. However, the speculation misplaced power after the placement of his physique.
  • Elizamar Silva, 39 years outdated: is the spouse of hairdresser Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira, with whom he had three kids: Gabriel, 7 years outdated, and twins Rafael and Rafaela, 6 years outdated.
  • Thiago Gabriel, 30 years outdated: Elizamar’s husband, with whom she had the youngsters Gabriel and the twins Raphael and Rafaela. He is the son of Marcos Antonio and Renata Juliane Belchior. Thiago can also be the brother of Gabriela Belchior. Like Marcos Antonio, he was additionally pointed by the suspects as one of the individuals who ordered the homicide of the whole family. However, the police have identified his physique.
  • Gabriel da Silva, 7 years: Son of Elizamar and Thiago Gabriel, in addition to brother of twins Rafael and Rafaela.
  • Raphael, 6 years: In addition to being Gabriel’s brother, Elizamar and Thiago are Gabriel’s son and Rafaela’s twin brother.
  • Raphael, 6 years: In addition to being Gabriel’s sister, Elizamar, the dual sister of Raphael and the daughter of Thiago Gabriel.
  • Renata Julien Belchior, 52 years outdated: Elizamar’s mother-in-law, she was married to Marcos Antonio, with whom she had Thiago Gabriel and Gabriela Belchior.
  • Gabriella Belchior, 25 years outdated: Elizamar’s sister-in-law, she is the sister of Thiago Gabriel and the daughter of Marcos Antonio and Renata Belchior.
  • Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira: She is the ex-wife of Marcos Antonio, with whom he had Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira.
  • Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira: Daughter of Marcos Antonio and Claudia Regina Marques de Oliveira.


Although the three bodies haven’t but been identified, Renata Julien Belchior, Gabriella Belchior and Ana Beatriz Marques de Oliveira are formally lacking.

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