Perola Negra lambasted the singer

The São Paulo samba college Perola Negra mourns the demise of Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of Calcinha Preta. The 43-year-old singer handed away yesterday after struggling neurological harm after six days in a coma. Paulinha was the godmother of Perola Negra’s drums in 2010.

Here we pay him this easy tribute and will he all the time be remembered with a smile and happiness on his face! relaxation in peace.

eat deep

At a press convention held on Tuesday, the docs accountable for the singer’s remedy reported that Paulinha was on the Glasgow Scale 3, that’s, “the most extreme coma” – a wholesome particular person has a Glasgow Scale 15.

Doctors additionally indicated that examinations confirmed no earlier accidents associated to the use of aesthetic substances, equivalent to routine medicine or diuretics – the primary motive why the singer was nonetheless in a coma was being examined by docs.

Before hospitalization, the artist advised that earlier than the interview he felt dangerous. In a dialog on the Podpah podcast on 9 February, Paulinha mentioned she felt a “fainting” moments earlier than the broadcast.

“I felt a ‘passage’, a fainting spell (earlier than the interview). But there’s nothing Podpa cannot resolve, every thing’s nice. Anyway, if I get dizzy, I’ll go there . But I ate like a beaver yesterday. We had a beautiful sushi dinner,” the singer mentioned at the time.

Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of Calcinha Preta, has died at the age of 43

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