“120 million people are going hungry in the nation”

“Someone from Globo News must say this: When terrorism enters by way of one door, journalism leaves by way of one other” – dora kramer, journalist. It is alleged. Whether anybody will hear or not is one other story.

“Lula is transient and direct: ‘Don’t do CPI!’ , alien cantonheade, who invented a brand new Lula we have by no means seen (quick and to the level). And why they do not need CPI? Did he know something, or is he nonetheless in a continuing state of ignorance since 2006?

“I feel it is unsuitable to name [apoiadores de Bolsonaro como Regina Duarte e Cássia Kis] of artists. They could be actors, actresses, presenters, businessmen, anyway. Now, artist? there is not any means. Art requires empathy ”- emilio dentas, actor. This remark goes to psychologist Paul Bloom, who mentioned of people concerned in a scientific research that “empathy led them to behave aggressively, even when it had no ethical that means.” That’s why a sympathetic crowd turns into animals when questioned.

“I’m involved, as a result of for those who are going to bid to purchase mattresses, to make beds, it would take 90 days. Never earlier than in the historical past of Brazil, I’m obliged to say whether or not the President of the Republic There isn’t any place to stay close by ”- luiz inacio lula da silvaThe President in a road place, lamenting that we are now not in these nostalgic instances when contractors rapidly cleaned the President’s home with out the want for bureaucratic annoyance.

“An entrepreneur does not make some huge cash as a result of he works. He earns some huge cash as a result of his staff labored” – LulaThey voted for a president with peace and love in thoughts, however he turned out to be a cradle of the Old Testament.

“The pineapple-shaped one they left for Lula … Instead of criticizing her, they need to be thanking her on her knees daily for being keen to tackle this tough process at the age of 77, when she needed to Must relaxation for.” Already carried out for the world. Brazil “- Sinara MenezesSocialist blogger. He already has a spot to relaxation: it is a spot, with a paddle boat for the grandchildren, a renovated kitchen…

“I’ve advocated that we talk about the challenge of freedom of meeting in the open air which is completed right now, particularly with the use of the Internet. 300,000 people could be packed into one place and that may be extraordinarily harmful.” Is “- gilmar mendes, Minister of STF, is asking whether or not you actually have this full proper to satisfy. But a very harmful assembly is one in every of 11 people in a sure constructing in a sure class. It appears that each time this occurs, we are left with one much less authority and yet one more judicial activism.

“The expression ‘conventional Brazilian household’ wants to finish. The ‘custom’ is the married proprietor of the farm impregnating the slave in the slave quarter. The ‘custom’ is home violence. This entire household story is sort of at all times marketed and normally Promoted by these whose tails are tied ”- Eduardo BaronJournalists and time vacationers who’ve simply arrived from 1823, when there have been nonetheless slaves and slave quarters.

“OS in ESG means satanic” – Elon Musk, the Space-Brain-Car-Twitter billionaire, is speaking about one in every of the major gateways to ideology in corporations: “Environmental and Social Governance” (ESG). Learn extra right here.

“Lava Jato intensifies and encourages an indiscretion on the a part of the society towards the established powers. It reinforces the concept that every one establishments are tainted by corruption” – fabio de sa e silvaProfessor of Social Sciences, exposing Moro and Dallagnole’s guilt for the vandalism of Praça dos Tres Poderes.

“Where are the liberals to say that you will need to broaden the position of the personal sector to cut back corruption? Is 20 billion in US fraud (an accounting hole to place it mildly) too little for you? , glauber braga, the federal deputy from PSOL who doesn’t know the distinction between voluntarily given cash and tax. Do you know the way many embezzled cash Lava Jatos have recognized and tried to recuperate? BRL 40.3 billion.

“You should cease being a parasite and a profiteer. They don’t need to work and ask for extra advantages” – Mario Ishii, Argentine mayor of Alberto Fernandez’s social gathering, on staff protesting towards the authorities. You understand how this class has a “workforce protection”: it comes with phrases and circumstances of use.

“My solidarity with all those that battle for a greater world” – eduardo suplici, an eighty-year-old PT member, in a tweet right now accompanied by a photograph of the pseudo-arrest of Greta Thunberg, a state deputy from São Paulo, in Germany, and in addition a photograph of himself being taken away by police, who’ve already is an aged particular person. You imply his views have not modified since Greta’s age when he was 20? it is attainable.

“120 million people are dying of starvation in my nation” – Marina SilvaEnvironment Minister. This is true. We are hungry for politicians who do not make up statistics in a jiffy.

cantinho todos contra glenn greenwald

“I’ve confronted governments round the world and that is the solely time I’ve needed to ask ‘Should I report on this? Can I safely criticize this choose?'” – glenn greenwaldJournalist, about the STF minister who shouldn’t be appointed.

“The censorship regime in Brazil has develop into so repressive – a single choose orders deportation and even orders imprisonment with out due course of or justification, all below secrecy – even That new York Times Twice warned about its seriousness ”- glenn greenwaldRegarding that minister, our attorneys would advise us to not point out him.

“Lost, Glenn. Don’t tease” – jose de abreuPT actor (or PT actor?), the one who has already confronted political discontent in his new position ‘Barroso em Nova York’.

“Dear Glenn, The 1988 Federal Constitution is in power in Brazil, not first Amendment offers US Constitution, That out of date monument. 200 years away” – conrad hubner, professor of legislation (severely) at USP. To defend censorship, the realized physician mentioned: that the US structure is inferior to the Brazilian structure to final lengthy, Where is Raul Seixas? Stop the world, I need to get off!

“For all foreigners who are in Brazilian politics and justice system… what Glenn is saying shouldn’t be true” – Felipe Neto, Affecting, Sealing and Almighty. Originally he wrote it in damaged English, so we translated it twice.

“So I’m mendacity? Is the NYT – saying the similar issues – additionally mendacity?” , glenn greenwaldCalling youtuber in chincha.

“Yes, the NYT is mendacity, as you usually accuse them of doing. This article is stuffed with misinformation and designed to guard the liberal businessmen who supported the coup in Brazil” – Felipe Neto. In the a part of “golpe”, a phrase that English had borrowed from French: “coup d’état”, he misspelled: “que”. This is the place he will need to have received these arguments.

“You are one in every of the greatest YouTube influencers in the world as a result of few people have extra expertise to help something that’s well-liked at the second: impeachment of Dilma, Moro and Lava Jato, arrest of Lula, now PT is well-liked as a result of You are there “- glenn greenwald Returns with a really inconvenient proper cross certainly.

“Now you are repeating what the fascists say about me” – Felipe NetoTrying to enchantment to the pity of the opponent.

“Yeah, people change. For instance, you and your new PT colleagues hailed me as an excellent reporter, a mannequin of integrity, gave me awards. Now people such as you name me a liar for enjoyable and clicks.” Every political opinion of yours has modified, as a result of the wind has modified. Mine stays the similar”- Glenn Greenwald. knock out! cease preventing!

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