Mato Grosso State Legislative Assembly

Elected deputies will take their vacancies to serve within the twentieth Legislature, efficient between 2023 and 2026.


The Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso (ALMT) has began the registration of press autos that may cowl the inauguration ceremony of the representatives of the state on February 1, 2023 from 9 am. After taking workplace, the deputies will proceed to the end result of deliberations the place the board of administrators is elected. The calculation and publication of the consequence takes place instantly after the voting. The deadline for accreditation is January 27, 2023.

Each press automobile could also be registered with as much as three professionals, one credential for a reporter, one for a photojournalist and one for a cinematographic reporter. The recognition kind should be accomplished by clicking on this hyperlink.

If you haven’t but outlined the title of the skilled who will take part in this system, the automobile can go away the sphere clean and the credential shall be created within the firm title.

Elected representatives will take their vacancies to serve within the twentieth Legislature, efficient between 2023 and 2026. In whole, 24 candidates have been chosen on 2 October and graduated by the Electoral Justice on 15 December.

Meet the graduates:

Beto Two Two One (PSB)

Businessman and musician, married, 46 years previous. He began his profession as a musician and later as a businessman. During Mauro Mendes’ tenure in Cuiabá City Hall and state authorities, he was State Secretary of Sports, Culture and Leisure and Secretary of Culture for Municipalities. Holds elected workplace for the primary time.

Carlos Avalon (PSDB)

Businessman and State Deputy, 62. He was Secretary of State for Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the Dante de Oliveira authorities; Alternately served as deputy on three events and took over the deputy emptiness in 2019. He will take the second time period.

Claudio Ferreira (PTB)

Businessman, married, 43 years. He was born in Rondonópolis, the place he was a mayoral candidate in 2020 and is now working for the state legislature for the primary time. He is named Claudio Passagista.

Diego Guimaraes (Republican)

Bachelor of Laws, Councillor, Married, 37. Elected councilor for Cuiabá in 2020, Diego Guimaraes started his political profession on the Academic Center VIII de Abril of the UFMT regulation course. He participated within the Young Political Association, the primary goal of which is to offer political coaching and develop social integration actions within the capital.

Dilmar Dal Bosco (UNIO Brasil)

Businessman, State Deputy, married, 55. Dilmar Dal Bosco, a three-term elected deputy, is at present chief of the federal government within the legislature and president of the CCJR. He got here to Mato Grosso in 1976 immediately in Sinop along with his household. In 1981 he moved along with his household to Cuiabá and returned to Sinop in 1992 to work as a businessman. His political profession begins backstage along with his brother and former deputy Dilceu Dal Bosco, till he launched his candidacy in 2010, when he was first elected. He shall be serving a fourth time period within the ALMT.

Doctor. Eugene (PSB)

Physician, State Deputy, married, 53. Elected State Deputy in 2018, Dr. Eugenio has been working within the Araguaia area since 1997, the place he got here to assist construct the Agua Boa Regional Hospital. He was councilor of Agua Boa in 2012 and candidate for mayor in 2016. He shall be taking on a second time period at ALMT.

Doctor. John (MDB)

Physician, State Deputy, married, 63. José João de Matos, Dr. João, a nephrologist for 40 years, is the primary individual to carry out kidney transplant surgical procedure within the state. Its electoral base is within the area of Tangara da Serra. He was elected to the Vidhansabha in 2018 by a margin of 19,836 thousand votes. He will take the second time period.

Eduardo Botelho (União Brazil)

Engineer, Businessman, State Deputy, Married, 63. State Deputy for 2 phrases, contested for the primary time in 2014, elected State Deputy with 40,517 votes, rose to the Board of Directors, grew to become ALMT President, biennial 2017–2019. On March 23, 2018, he joined the Democrats (DEM) occasion and was re-elected in October of the identical 12 months with 33,788 votes. On 1 February, he was re-elected because the Chairman of the ALMT for a interval of February 2019 to February 2022.

Eliseu Nascimento (PL)

Military policeman, state deputy, married, 46. Elizeu Nascimento joined the Military Police in 1998, was a soldier, corporal and third sergeant. He was the councilor of Cuiaba in 2016 and received 21,000 votes when he was elected deputy of the state in 2018. He will serve a second time period on the ALMT.

Fabinho Tardin (PSB)

Businessman, councillor, married, 47. Fabio Tardín, higher often called Fabinho, is councilor and mayor of Varzia Grande. He was first elected in 2016, having beforehand labored as a parliamentary advisor and immediately aiding the inhabitants of Verzia Grande.

Faisal (Citizenship)

Advocate, State Deputy, Single, 42. Faisal Caleel was elected State Deputy in 2018 with 20,509 votes. Prior to this, he was the councilor of Cuiaba between 2013 and 2016. In 2010, on the age of 30, he was a candidate for the primary time deputy place state, the substitute received. He will serve a second time period on the ALMT.

Gilberto Cattani (PL)

Rural producer, state deputy, married, 49. Gilberto Cattani was elected deputy in 2018 and took a seat in parliament following the demise of deputy Silvio Favaro. Since 1998, Kattani has been inhabited by Incara and has agronomic points and household farming pointers. He calls himself a right-wing conservative. He will take up his second time period.

Janaina Riva (MDB)

Bachelor of Laws, State Deputy, Married, 33. Janaina Riva is the one lady elected to the 18th (2014–2018) and re-elected to the nineteenth legislature (2019–2022), Janaina Riva (MDB) was the best voted state deputy in each earlier elections, with 51,546 votes and 82,124 votes respectively. The MP was the primary lady to carry the place of Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso (biennium 2019/2020). He shall be serving a 3rd time period on the ALMT.

Juca do Guarana Filho (MDB)

Businessman, Councillor, Married, 44. Lidio Barbosa, higher often called Juca do Guarana Filho, was elected Councilor for Cuiaba (2021-2024), holding the chair of the Board of Directors of the City Council. His political profession started in 1995 as President of the Student Union of the Tancredo de Almeida Neves State School and President of the DCE of the University of Cuiabá. Furthermore, he’s the son of Juca do Guaraná, who was a councilor for 2 phrases in Cuiabá.

Julio Campos (DEM)

Businessman, widow, 76 years. Julio José de Campos has a protracted public profession in Mato Grosso. He was mayor of Vargeia Grande between 1973 and 1977; He was the state’s governor from 1983 to 1987 and senator from 1991 to 1999. In addition, he was appointed Life Counselor of the State Court of Accounts (2002–2007). In the Chamber of Deputies in Brasília, he held the presidency for 3 phrases between 1979–1983, 1987–1991, and once more 2011–2015.

Ludio Cabral (PT)

Physician, State Deputy, married, 51. Ludio Frank Mendes Cabral (PT) has been working in public well being for over 22 years, offering care by means of the Integrated Health System (SUS). A civil servant within the municipality of Cuiabá, Ludio works in main care networks in communities and well being facilities. In politics, he started his journey within the scholar motion, was director of the Doctors’ Union (Sindemed) and served two phrases as councilor in Cuiabá between 2005 and 2012. Inspection by public officers. Ludio ran for a second time period for Cuiaba City Hall in 2012, when he obtained 140,798 votes. In 2014, he ran for Governor of Mato Grosso and obtained 472,507 electoral votes. He shall be serving a second time period on the ALMT.

Max Rusi (PSB)

Businessman, State Deputy, married, 46. Max Russi is in his second time period as State Deputy, First Secretary of the Legislative Assembly within the present Legislative Assembly. His political profession started in Jacqueira, the place he was a councilor and mayor. Elected deputy, he was invited to take over the Civil House and later Secretary of State for Labor and Social Assistance when he carried out the pro-family programme. He shall be serving a 3rd time period on the ALMT.

Nininho (PSD)

Businessman, rural producer, state deputy, married, 64. Ondanir Bortolini, Nininho, in his third time period as state deputy, was the third most voted individual within the final election. His political journey started in Itikira, a municipality within the south of the state, the place he was mayor for 2 phrases. He shall be serving a fourth time period within the ALMT.

Paulo Araujo (PP)

Civil Servant, State Deputy, Married, 41. Paulo Araújo has been a profession civil servant within the state well being division for greater than 14 years. In 2012, he started his political profession as a councilor for Cuiabá, a place he held for 2 phrases. In 2018, he was elected because the State Deputy for the primary time with 11,645 votes. He shall be serving a second time period on the ALMT.

Sebastião Rezende (UNIÃO)

Engineer, State Deputy, married, 58. Sebastião Rezende is in his fifth time period as state deputy. The consultant of the Rondonópolis area, he was first elected in 2002. Since then, he has chaired the Commission on Constitution, Justice and Writing (CCJR) and was the reporter for the reform of the state structure of Mato Grosso. He shall be serving his sixth time period within the ALMT.

Thiago Silva (MDB)

Economist, State Deputy, married, 40. Thiago Silva is from Rondonópolis and was first elected State Deputy in 2018 with 19,336 votes. His political trajectory started as president of the affiliation of residents of the Jardim Eldorado, Mirasol, Santa Fe and Copacabana neighborhoods. In 2010, together with college students, school and neighborhood leaders, he helped create and lead the UNEMAT JA motion with the purpose of selling the institution of a college campus in Rondonópolis, which was achieved in 2017. In 2012 he was elected Councilor for Rondonópolis and was re-elected in 2016. He shall be serving a second time period on the ALMT.

Waldir Barranco (PT)

Biologist, State Deputy, Married, 47. Valdir Barranco started his political profession in 2001 as Secretary of Education of Nova Bandeirantes, the place he was mayor between 2004 and 2008. Barranco was head of INCRA-MT’s Administration Division, and from 2011 to 2014, exercised the title Superintendent of INCRA. In 2014, Valdir Barranco ran for state deputy and was elected with 19,270 votes, however took workplace solely in 2016, after a troublesome and prolonged authorized battle. In 2018, Valdir Barranco was re-elected with 21,970 votes. He shall be serving a 3rd time period on the ALMT.

Valmir Moretto (Republican)

Businessman, State Deputy, 52. Valmir Moretto arrived in Mato Grosso in 1986 to handle rural property within the Pontes e Lacerda area. He started political life as mayor of Nova Lacerda in 2009, being re-elected in 2012. Morato presides over the Vale do Guapor Consortium, protecting eight municipalities. In 2018, he was elected State Deputy with 21,261 votes. He will take second mandate for ALMT.

Wilson Santos (PSD)

Professor, Graduate in Social Sciences and Law, Divorced, 61. Wilson Santos was a historical past trainer in Cuiaba between the 80’s and 90’s. In 1988, he was first elected councilor in Cuiaba. In 1990, he was elected state deputy and was re-elected in 1994 with the best variety of votes in that election. In 1998, he was elected a federal deputy and was re-elected in 2002. He was mayor of Cuiabá twice, in 2004 and 2008. Wilson returned to the Santos Assembly in 2014, being re-elected in 2018. He would assume his fifth non-consecutive time period within the ALMT.


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