Massacre in DF: Husband and barber’s father-in-law decreed the death of 6 family members

(*6*)Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira, Elizamar’s husband, and Marcos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira, Elizamar’s father-in-law are the masterminds of the crime. Photo: (social community/replica)

Civil Police believes so Thiago Gabriel Belchior de Oliveira30, husband of hairdresser Elizamar Silva, 37, and Marcos Antonio Lopez de OliveiraThe father-in-law of Elizamar, 54, ordered the death of her and 5 different family members. As G1 revealed, the crime could have been each ordered and motivated by cash earned from the sale of a home. This info got here to gentle on Tuesday (17) in the testimony of one of the accused concerned in the case. To the police, the man informed that he and an confederate had acquired Rs 100,000 from the husband and father-in-law to kill the barber, three kids – two 6-year-old twins, one 7-year-old, the lady’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Altogether eight individuals had gone lacking, together with the two alleged masterminds, who haven’t but been discovered.

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Last Thursday (12), Elizamar Silva and his 7-year-old kids Gabriel, Rafael and Rafaela – 6-year-old twins – disappeared. She was additionally the mom of a 24-year-old boy and 18-year-old lady, who knowledgeable the police about the disappearance of the barber, who had stopped responding to messages on his mobile phone.

The subsequent day, his automobile was discovered close to Kristalina (GO) close to DF, with 4 charred our bodies inside. The our bodies had been recognized by relations reminiscent of the barber and his three kids, however there may be nonetheless no official affirmation.

(*6*)Photos: Civil Police of the Federal District (replica)

Soon after, Elizamar’s husband additionally disappeared, in addition to her father, mom, and sister. This Saturday (14) Elizamar’s father-in-law’s automobile was additionally discovered burnt, with two our bodies inside. clearly struggling Renata Julien Belchior, 52 years outdated, mom of Thiago and spouse of Marcos Antonio; And Gabriella Belchior de Oliveira25 years outdated, sister of Thiago and daughter of Marcos Antonio.

are amongst the suspects Horacio Carlos Ferreira Barbosaage 49, and Gideon Batista de Menezes, 55 years outdated. In testimony, one of them confessed that the killings had been ordered. Thiago and Marcos Antonio, for R$ 100,000. A 3rd suspect was arrested on Tuesday evening (17), recognized as 34-year-old Fabricio Silva Canheddo. He was answerable for seeing half of the victims held in captivity. According to Horacio’s testimony, he, Gideon, Marcos Antonio and Thiago himself kidnapped the ladies, held them captive for 5 days, and murdered them like Elizamar and the kids. They additionally say that the hairdresser tried to protest, however was hanged. According to the suspect, Thiago could have killed one of his personal kids earlier than setting fireplace to the family automobile,

(*6*)The accused had bought petrol to commit the crime. Photo: Breeding


In addition to the two masterminds and the three suspects already arrested, Horacio mentioned in a press release that Marcos Antonio’s mistress and her daughter are additionally lacking. Marcos Antonio was the husband of Renata Juliane, father of Gabriela and Thiago., According to police, Renata bought a home in the Santa Maria space, DF, for R$400,000, and the suspect’s thought was to kill her in order to maintain the cash and run away together with his mistress. According to consultant Ricardo Viana, from the sixth Police Station of Paranoia, after inserting them in a personal jail, the suspects didn’t obtain the cash. They took the victims in the automobile to Unai, the place they suffocated.

(*6*)The jail the place the victims lived. Photos: Civil Police of the Federal District (replica)


The case is being investigated by the Civil Police of Goiás and Minas Gerais, the place the two family vehicles had been positioned. Elizamar Silva’s automobile was discovered in Cristalina (GO), together with 4 corpses, despatched to Goiânia for genetic materials, however there may be nonetheless no forecast for the outcomes. The second automobile belongs to Marcos Antonio Lopes de Oliveira and was discovered burnt on Saturday (14) on BR-251 in Unai (MG), with two our bodies inside. According to the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, the our bodies haven’t been recognized.

Information about suspects may be given anonymously cellphone 197,

*With G1 info

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