How are the names of characters translated in movies and series

Vandinha Addams aired below that title in Brazil from 1965, when the series “The Addams Family” premiered on TV Rio. But Generation Z is pondering and discussing the likes of Netflix’s Vandinha, not Wednesday. The streaming platform itself mocked it, calling it “Quartinha”. But how are the names of characters from overseas movies and series translated at present? What elements are taken into consideration? Netflix didn’t reply to the report, however dubbing administrators and translators defined how the market works.

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It just isn’t identified why Dublossom’s translation and dubbing crew selected this title to interchange the authentic Wednesday, however at the time, it was customary to transform these overseas phrases into Portuguese. Even extra so whose literal translation (Wednesday, impressed by a poem in English literature) didn’t make sense in the nationwide tradition. Since then, the title Wandinha has been dominant in the creativeness of a number of generations, in cartoons, movies, and now a series launched by Netflix.


Fabiana Popius, the translator for “Vandinha” for dubbing in Brazil, says that, from the starting, the streaming platform directed the crew to maintain not solely the most important character’s established names in Portuguese, but in addition Tío Chico, Maiojinha, Fioso. and the relaxation of the household.

“I believe it was informed to keep up continuity with different merchandise in the Addams household,” explains Fabiana.

She thinks it is very important translate character names, particularly in fantasy universes, in order that they make sense to native audiences, however reiterates that “every case is totally different”:

— It is the context and different series of elements for choice making. Nothing is absolute in translation.

Fabiana labored on the identical crew as Felipe Drummond, who was Wandinha’s dubbing director. He stresses the significance of translation in order to make the expertise as impactful as attainable.

– It relies upon so much on the challenge, however the title is translated to be nearer to the actuality of the plenty. It’s to make the expertise extra attention-grabbing — he says, who, like most voice actors and translators working at present, would not know why he selected Wandinha for Wednesday. “But my speculation is that it is associated to lip motion. It works effectively for voice performing.

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If it is smart to have Wandinha with that title as a result of of the path she has traveled in the previous, this isn’t at all times the case with different characters. This is the case of the Puff Bear, at present known as Pooh in English; Or the fairy Tinker Bell, from “Peter Pan”, whom Brazilian kids now know as Tinker Bell. Sergio Cantu, translator and dubbing director, explains that the choices to drop nationwide names must do with enterprise methods:

– Often, the distributor makes this choice as a result of it desires to launch the merchandise and thinks that if the title is the identical, it could actually present comfort in the context of the market — says Sergio.

Responsible for steering the first season of “Stranger Things” (he and the crew have been concerned in translating Eleven to Eleven, because it has a story perform past a personality’s easy title), Sergio says that, ever- Sometimes, solely the crew accent must be tailored.

– In the film “Brave” (2012) there’s a character known as “Merida”. But we determined to name Merida, as a result of with an accent and spoken rapidly, it could actually sound like nonsense (laughs) – says Sergio.

What all the translators and dubbing administrators heard in the report are unanimous that, aside from distributors having the last say in choices, there isn’t any handbook:

– There are no guidelines, every product is handled in another way by the buyer – says dubbing director Fernanda Baron.

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