Ek Desalmada – Fernanda cries over her ex’s grave and gets caught up in the act

Fernanda remains to be thirsty for revenge in A Desalmada.

Being robbed, raped and widowed octavio (Eduardo Santamarina) in soulless, fernanda (Livia Brito) thinks of revenge in the plot solely to run once more in the afternoon. sbt,

The watchman desires to take revenge on his father-in-regulation and at the identical time feels responsible, as she is tempted to guide a traditional life with him. Raphael (Jose Ron), as a result of he really fell in love together with his displeased son The Solace.

know extra! A. Desalmada – Ottavio doesn’t settle for his son’s relationship with Fernanda and refuses to enter marriage

in the subsequent chapters of The Solace, Fernand will go to the grave santiago (Yahir) and will go to her deceased ex-husband. “Ottavio surrounded me extra and extra. I do not understand how lengthy I’ll have the ability to hold him from possessing me.”the character would say Livia Brito.

“It scares me a lot and makes me so disgusting… I nearly did not kill him. There are moments once I need to escape, to go together with Raphael. But I do know if I did not do it justice. I’ll by no means forgive myself. I’m proper and at the identical time I’m very scared.” will settle for the hero of The Solace.

all of a sudden, Raphael will seem on the spot. ,What is occurring, my love? why are you crying? Is every thing good? Was Santiago your husband?”ask a great man soulless Cornerstone Reading. “Yeah. It was my husband.” reply to fernandaHug expensive.

“I perceive these are very painful reminiscences, however I fear chances are you’ll be pondering of one thing else.”will say Raphael, “I’m delicate. It’s all over”Will discuss to Shyamala.

“I used to be strolling on the foremost highway and I noticed you right here. Sorry for staying right here”will finalize the beloved of fernanda,

A Desalmada – Fernanda cries over her ex-husband’s grave and is caught in the act by Raphael (Photo: Reproduction / Las Estrellas)

Monday’s Chapter Summary (03)

Fernanda is livid with Ottavio’s boldness. Shamelessly, Ottavio praises Brenda’s father for intent on separating Fernanda from his son in order that he can marry Brenda. He additionally warns Julia to not contact Brenda.

Clara and David proceed to plan the marriage ceremony and spend the evening collectively. Isabella tries to reunite Roberto and Angela. Ottavio Novo desires to purchase the secret recipe for Amanheiser farm-made cheese to know why it is higher than his farm-made product.

Caesar refuses to depart Fernanda alone with Ottavio, however after kissing she kicks him out of the rancho. Joanna and the others disagree with her choice. Fernanda refers to Ottavio as a “disgusting pig”.

Caesar decides to enter the farm that belonged to the Germans in search of proof. Carmelo startles him, shoots him and injures him. Gabriel takes Rosalina to the hospital when she complains of ache, but it surely’s a false alarm.

Fernanda searches for proof in Ottavio’s workplace and captures it. Caesar asks Flor for assist and his physician pal manages to extract the bullet. Esmeralda tells Flor that Isidro’s enterprise is cattle theft.

Rafael apologizes to Fernanda for saying in her presence that he feared Isabella would lose the youngster. She forgives him and says that she desires her son to return into the world with good well being.

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