The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

household tree of Greek mythology This is an actual mess. He is a brother who’s married to a sister, to a niece, even to his mom. And of course there’s a good purpose behind it.

Here we are going to analyze what is probably probably the most branching lineage in Greek mythology. The dynasty that began all of it. And of course I’m speaking about Gaia’s many kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, mom earth,

Chaos from Gaia. till

was simply at first Disorder, And anarchy was simply that: anarchy. However, it emerged Gaia, Tartarus and Eroso, probably the most lovely of the immortal gods. Those had been the three basic entities that got here earlier than; At least in keeping with Hesiod’s Theogony. But doesn’t cease right here. erebesdecrease darkness, and cipherThere had been additionally kids of higher darkness, anarchy. From them had been born Ether and Hemera, Light and Day.

From these elemental entities, then, all of the gods of Greek mythology, titans, nymphs, demons and lesser celestial beings had been born. And many of them began with Gaia. According to Hesiod, “Gaia was the primary to create the starry Uranus. She made him like himself, in order that it might cowl and be lined from all sides.”

This signifies that, first of all, earth gave start to heaven. And heaven was Uranus, the primary of Gaia’s “kids”, and the one who would additionally grow to be her husband, the primary god of the world. Therefore he was the foremost among the many gods.

But Gaia additionally produced areaswhich had been excessive mountains, and spot, These A. So we’ve got earth, sky, mountains and sea. This world was starting to take form, every factor represented by a unique deity. In different phrases, it was the primary pantheon of Greek gods.

then it occurred photograph marriageHoly marriage. Gaia and Uranus married, and from them had been born a gaggle of new beings: now sure, the titansFeather titansyou Cyclop And this hekatonchire, Notice how the world, during which just a few individuals lived till then, started to harbor life, regardless that they had been all associated.

Children of Gaia: Cyclops and Hekatonchires

There had been three Cyclops. their names had been bronts, Sterope And arges, Hesiod states that the creatures had been equal to the gods in all the pieces; Except, although, in look. Since he had just one spherical eye within the center of his face.

Therefore, he was thought-about a demon, and subsequently imprisoned by Uranus. Only a lot later will they be freed by Zeus. In gratitude, Cyclops offered the king of the gods with thunder, lightning and lightning. He additionally solid Poseidon’s Trident and Hades helmet, giving him invisibility.

stump, brierius And geesehorrible and disgusting hekatonchireDemons had been additionally thought-about. They had been proud creatures with 100 arms and fifty heads.

Like their one-eyed brothers, they had been all imprisoned in Tartarus. It was as if Uranus didn’t settle for that he had created such horrible demons, and wished to push all of them again into the depths of the earth. In different phrases, again within the mom’s womb.

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Titans

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

Uranus additionally didn’t like Titans. it was vital that chronosThe youngest of them rebelled in opposition to his father. Later, most of them acquired married to one another. Brothers & Sisters. And that was for one easy purpose:

If you had been a Titan on the time, you mainly had two choices: both you married one of your sisters, otherwise you married one of your sisters. oceanicwho had been previously the daughters of Titan, Ocean, That is, by some means you had been inside the household. Remember, there was nobody else on the earth. After all, this was the start of all the pieces.

The Titans had been:

  • Ocean
  • hyperion
  • Heaven
  • ipitus
  • chronos
  • i make

The Titans had been:

  • Tethys
  • Web
  • Moon
  • themis
  • Riya
  • neomycin

ocean and tethys

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

hey Ocean was married to Tethys, From him all of the rivers have arisen, as IndigoO! midway extra horrible defectorand this too oceanic, ocean nymphs. There was nothing else, you see.

In this sense, there have been greater than three thousand from Oceanide alone. Not solely this, many Greek gods, titans and heroes married a sea nymph. Back then, the ocean was the best custodian of Greek myths.

Hyperion and Thea

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

titness Web married hyperionAnd three sons had been born to them: eosdaybreak, Heliossolar god, and celine, Moon. Helios was the daddy of the sorceress Circe. After all, he had a bunch of different well-known children. However, the listing varies vastly relying on the model of the story. Circe, King Eetes and Pasiphae are probably the most well-known, and are nearly at all times listed by the Nymph Perseid because the sons of Helios.

heaven and phoebe

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

MoonOn the opposite hand, married Heaven, that they had daughters lay downof darkish cloak and stellar, of the suitable identify. Then Zeus disputed the 2.

Asteria managed to run away from him and married her cousin persists, was his daughter hecate, goddess of magic and sorcery. Leto, nonetheless, didn’t run away from Zeus and had two kids with him: the Olympian god. Apollo and Artemis,


The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

Continuing the household tree of Greek mythology, Titan ipitus Followed that different path and married one of the Oceanids. Her identify was Clymen, described by Hesiod as having “lovely ankles”.

The sons of Iapetus had been Titans of the second era. Atlas, prometheus, epimetheus And menotius, Later, Atlas additionally married an oceanic, plion, with which he had the Pleiades. one of them was Spellwho slept with zeus and had a son hermes,

Prometheus had a son named deucalionwho married his cousin Pyrrhawho was the daughter of Epimetheus and Pandora,

Nemosin and Themis

Now, if you happen to had been a Titanus, you’d have two decisions: both you’d marry one of your brothers, or zeus I’ll lastly get you pregnant.

that is what occurred with neomycin and additionally with themis, whom Zeus finally married. His daughters had been Eunomia, Dice and Irene: hours,

With Mnemosyne, nonetheless, Zeus had 9 daughters, tells, They had been entities succesful of inducing inventive creation in males, every centered on one sort of artwork, resembling music and dance.

Chronos and Rhea

After castrating his father and changing into the lord of the universe, Kronos marries his sister, Riya,

Then the gods originated from them Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus, And Kronos, fearing to be usurped by his kids, swallowed every of them after start.

Eventually, Cronos had one other little one. This day out of marriage. Once, whereas hiding from his spouse, he became a horse and joined a seahorse, queue, Thus, the centaur was born from this extramarital affair. incisions,

Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Numbers

We nonetheless want to speak a few Titan : i make, However, to be able to discuss that, we have to speak concerning the different kids of Gaia. to recap:

  • uranus the sky
  • orias, mountain
  • factors, sea

In addition to sleeping with Uranus, Gaia additionally had kids from Pontos. their names had been Thomas, forces, keto, nerius And uribia,

Krio and Euribia

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

Euribia was the one who married the titan i make, had been born from this relationship, then astreus, plante And persists, Astreus married his cousin Eos, Don, and had winds with him. mild breeze, boreas, euro And i’ve seen,

On the opposite hand, Palante married Apsara Styx riverAnd he had 4 kids:

  • enthusiasm, dedication
  • Nick the Victory
  • prejudice, drive
  • Kratos, The Power

Purse, as said, was Hecate’s father.

Thomas, Forsy and Keto

Like Pontos, his different kids had been sea creatures. However, some can be referred to as demons.

Thomas married to Apsara electrawith whom he was Eye pupil, messenger of the gods. in addition to three harpies: Aloe, Osipitae and Colenas,

already Forcy and KetoOn the opposite hand, married to one another. His daughters Greece had been: Enio, Pefredo and Dino, And the Gorgons too: Stan, Urile and Medusa,

Remembering that Medusa, in the meantime, was raped by Poseidon and later beheaded by Perseus. From his blood, then, the large was born chrysaoreand additionally well-known Pegasus,


The most clever of the kids of Pontos and Gaia was nerius, the outdated man of the ocean. he married nymph dorisoand with him had been the Nereids amongst them amphitritewho was Poseidon’s spouse.

Soon, from this relationship a inheritor to the god of the ocean was born: the mighty hippopotamus And this simopolia,

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Typhon

Gaia has yet one more little one left on this story. this was it typhon: A horrible and big demon, whose physique is roofed with serpents.

So, that was her son with him tartarusAnd was born out of a need to take revenge on Mother Earth, who was not proud of the Olympian gods taking the Titans’ place.

However, Typhon was defeated by Zeus when he was already the king of the gods and the king of Olympus. Before he died he left his offspring, his kids with the demonic echidna, Therefore, probably the most well-known had been:

  • Cerberus the three-headed canine
  • Learn’s Hydra
  • nemean lion
  • robber
  • creativeness
  • arthros

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Olympus

The Family Tree of Greek Mythology: Gods and Titans

Back to the Olympian gods, who had been born from Kronos. So right here is the primary deity. Let’s do it step-by-step.

dimeter Zeus had a daughter with him. this was it persephonewho was later compelled to marry his uncle, hadis, But Demeter additionally had twins with Poseidon: God-Horse. Ariane and mysterious Despina,

first spouse of zeus It was the Metis Oceanid, which he swallowed. As a outcome, athena was born from his brow. with Ivy LataZeus had extra kids, his respectable kids: ares, illiterate, hebe And Hephaestus, Children out of wedlock, at the very least probably the most well-known, had been:

  • Apollo and Artemis, their kids with Leto
  • Hermes, her son with Maya
  • His son Dionysus by Semele
  • Alcmene by Heracles, his son
  • Perseus, his son by Danai
  • Leda along with her daughter Helena
  • Minos and Rhadmanthus, Europa along with her sons
  • Aegina, his son by Aegina


AphroditeWhich was additionally the goddess of Olympus, relying on the model of the story, it has two origins.

In one of them, it was born consequently of castration Uranus, when his genitals fell into the ocean. On the opposite hand, in one other model of the story advised by Homer, the goddess of magnificence was one of the daughters of Zeus. Now with Oceanide witch,

She married Hephaestus, however was the lover of Ares, the god of battle. With him, she had some kids:

  • Deimos and Phobos
  • Anteros and Eros
  • concord

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