Justice upholds arrest of suspects involved in secretary husband’s hanging in Piaouz

Piau’s justice made the arrest of three suspects involved in the execution of Joo Rodrigues Dias Neto, husband of So Raimundo Nonato, the municipal secretary of labor and social help of Valdnia Costa, throughout a custodial listening to this Thursday (22). He was arrested on Wednesday (21).

Justice upholds arrest of suspects involved in secretary husband’s hanging in Piaouz


hey A10+ I came upon yesterday at first hand, who was arrested a bike taxi driver, recognized as Roniglasius Santos, used to take Juniel Assis (recognized because the shooter) to the spot to kill the sufferer after which take him to the hideout ; Paulo’s sister (named for the homicide) and her husband, Patricia Ferreira, had been recognized solely as Mauro, who was suspected of taking part in the crime.

Last Tuesday (20) Paulo Ferreira Pereira surrendered to the police. According to the investigation, he and his brothers could have ordered the demise of Joo Rodrigues, as he was involved in an accident that killed the suspect’s father.

Joao Rodrigues case: Three extra folks arrested on suspicion of involvement in homicide

So far six folks have been arrested in the case. They had been: Juniel de Assis Paes Landimo [autor dos disparos], Jullirmes Braga Paz Landim, who was hiding the weapon used in the crime; Paulo Ferreira Pereira, appointed because the mastermind behind the homicide, in addition to Paulo’s sister Patricia Ferreira. Her husband and a bike taxi driver, who used to take the shooter to the crime scene in a automobile, had been additionally arrested.

Also on Tuesday (21), throughout a press convention, the General Representative of the Civil Police, Lucy Keiko, reported that Paulo Ferreira Pereira had ordered the execution of Joo Rodrigues.

“He had already been interrogated when he was free, however he denied the crime, however we additionally recognized the automotive that supported Juniel’s crime. [1º preso], in addition to one other who participated in planning with Paulo. He is the son of the person who was killed in a visitors accident,” Lucy Keiko stated.

Delegate confirms that Paulo Ferreira ordered execution
Laura Parente / Reproduction

The consultant additionally identified that the crime was premeditated and the suspects adopted in the sufferer’s footsteps to see the route he was taking in town. According to an investigation order, Joo Rodrigues was to be hanged in entrance of his daughters. The incident is of September 13.

“They checked the whole itinerary, this investigation is nicely confirmed in the data. It is a severe crime, however we’re responding appropriately and figuring out all of the individuals who participated in the incident. As of now, Only Paulo is charged. He understood that the sufferer [João Rodrigues] Killed his father in an accident. The crime was pre-planned with the assistance of 5 different folks,” Keiko defined.

perceive the matter

Joo Rodrigues was killed in entrance of his two daughters whereas he was searching for them final Tuesday (13) at a college in town of So Raimundo Nonato. The pictures confirmed a person strolling in direction of the secretary’s husband – who was on a bike – and firing a number of photographs.

Video reveals the second the secretary’s husband is shot useless in So Raimundo Nonato

After being shot, the sufferer fell from the motorbike and the perpetrator fled. Both the youngsters watched all of the motion. Police initially suspected that the crime was motivated by revenge, it is because Juniel was employed to kill a sufferer who was involved in a visitors accident that resulted in the demise of one individual.

On Wednesday (14), Representative Cynthia Verena, the holder of So Raimundo Nonato, introduced that the sufferer’s youngsters, who had been run by Joo Rodrigues, had been allegedly threatening the secretary’s husband.

Last Saturday (17) the civil police issued a search and seizure warrant towards members of the family suspected of having killed Joo Rodrigues Dias Neto. The investigation has recognized two folks because the masterminds of the homicide.

Juniel Assis Paes Landim, the primary suspect arrested, instructed the police throughout his testimony that he acquired a proposal of Rs 5,000 however gained Rs 1,000 to kill Joao Rodrigues. He was situated in So Lourenço do Piau final Thursday (15).

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