BVB Handball/Women’s Handball Bundesliga/European Cup: Successor to Coaching Team Andreas Kuno and Dominic Bad Andre Führer

Yesterday, the BVB board introduced that Andreas Kuno and Dominic Schlechter would succeed Andre Führer as teaching pair, Andre Führer, who was launched from BVB and resumed his teaching on the DHB (Juniors U20/U21) from yesterday. Has resigned from the submit. resigns or resigns.

Andreas Kuno in a ball in the first half of the match between SUNNIES of Sport Union Nekarsulam and BVB.  photo collection Merkel and Merkel
Coaching team Dominic Schleicher, formerly A-Jugend and BVB2, and previous assistant coach Andreas Kuno together handle the successor of Andreas Führer, who has now been released from BVV and now also from DHB, Andre Führer officially taking over. DHB Office (Juniors) has resigned.  photo archive Merkel+Merkel

Andreas Cuno, previously an assistant coach to André Führer, performed handball at ASV Hamm/Westfalen at a better degree, and Dominic Schlechter, who was a youth coach and coach of BVB Jürchen (BVB2), beforehand coached Bayrohede Wuppertal. Was. Andre drove inherited.
He has already seen the quilt picture at Nekarsulmer Balleli, which exhibits him through the half-time break throughout a mixed evaluation of the primary half.

Calm, reasonable, very factual, however clearly very deep, each coached the group to a stellar efficiency and an sudden 38:25 in opposition to an injured Sun… Captain, chief and queen of midfield Alina Grisel, Dana Backed by Blakeman, Frida Ronning and the obscure however very expert Herma van Kreuz as prime assistant within the again…

Life insurance of BVB, national player and world-class handball player Alina Grigels... in the right and left hands of Futuru Kunos and Schmelzer, their extension to the plate... thereby securing Dana Bleckmann, Frida Ronning and Herma von Kreuz captain And a midfield axis from the best of form... FotoArchiv Merkel+Merkel

On Saturday night (24.9.22/6 hrs) the group across the new teaching group KUNO&SCHLECHTER would love to copy/replicate this success with the Flames at Bensheim Auersbach and we’ll see if it succeeds.

Merkel+Merkel is a former Portus and will strive to discover the brand new teaching group’s timetable, in addition to their playful focus, their teaching philosophy in a post-match interview.

A brand new period of BVB ladies’s handball has begun, the work of one other coach will take maintain and Nekarsulmer has already produced spectacular and lovely fruits within the bat. We will be curious to see if the BVB-Girls Sport Union can replicate the Baleilly vs Sunnis present from Nekarsulam, maybe even breaking the 40-goal mark for Flames…

Team photo in Baleilly after Sport Union Nekarsulam's impressive 38:25 vs Sunny... FotoArchiv Merkel+Merkel

Coach Ahlgrim (Flames) and captain and purpose scorer and seven meter specialist Lisa Friedberger from Flames, who can also be a purpose scorer and nationwide group candidate. handball week Will struggle vigorously in opposition to BVB, however in all probability in useless.

Saturdays at 6 pm (capability 2000 spectators / multifunctional corridor) on the Weststadthal in Bensheim.
Check out tickets on-line at Flames, Box Office within the night. 850 to 900 spectators are anticipated or anticipated. Record thus far in Balei Nekarsulam: 884 paying spectators.

Andreas Kuno in an interview after the match >SUN vs BVB, Saturday, September 17, 2022 FotoArchiv Merkel+Merkel”/></div><figcaption class=

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