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since video Killed the Radio Star, Starring on American MTV in 1981, The Buggles’ music video has grow to be an inseparable a part of music tradition. And though the brutal prophecy sung by the band 4 many years in the past hasn’t totally materialized — so-called “radio stars” are adopting new codecs from podcasts to companies like Spotify and Deezer — “Video” stays a frequent companion. It’s a music fan.

“Music video is necessary for its visible enchantment”, summarizes Rafael Chiocarello, editor-in-chief and founding father of Hits Perdidos, in addition to an skilled on the topic. “It happens cyclically all through the historical past of music, from the picture of the Beatles, from a preoccupation with trend as an angle, as within the case of the Sex Pistols, to the long-lasting expression of artists like David Bowie and Madonna. The scene The enchantment is usually our first contact with an artist’s work”, he explains.

Since the peak of music video tradition and the emergence of social platforms with MTV on the flip of the millennium, new inventive mechanisms have reshaped our fascinated by music movies. This contains experiments like Instagram teasers, VR clips, and not even a bit, ,[Duda Beat] The video community partnered with influencer Fife, which tells horror tales, to encourage the influencer’s fan base to go after the brand new clip”, says skilled.

What has remained the identical through the years, nevertheless, is the music video’s skill to inform its personal story. no surprise, a prisoner’s diaryRacionice MC and My Soul, D’O Rappa tops our choice of the very best Brazilian clips of all time, cited by a lot of the 10 members of our jury. Despite the straightforward black-and-white decisions in each movies, they weave advanced tales about jail life and childhood – and violence – right into a favela whose powers survive solely from the music.

Clips are additionally in development. This is one thing that comes from the experiments of Madonna’s questions like a Prayer And who continues to journey in such productions get naughtyBy Anita (one other hit in our decide), who along with taking the already iconic insulating tape bikini to its peak, takes life on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro into the world.

Although not included within the remaining choice, amicida Emerges as one of the frequent names amongst jurors. Responds to 4 mentions alone, which spawns three of his clips: good Hope, chrysanthemum And yellow, If paired with O Terno in your undertaking, Tim Bernardes The quantity of citations (5) and the quoted clip ends on the forefront: restart And delivery, dwell, die (each from his solo profession), as well as oh oh how i deceive myself And i am unable to wait anymore (out of your band)

Hey Rappa – My Soul (6 mentions)

Tragedy advised nearly completely by photos My Soul Begins with kids’s play and ends with a close-up of the revolver. The 1999 clip, directed by Katia Lund, actually put O’Rappa on the map with a video that André Weissmann, former director of journalism at MTV Brasil, described as “virtually a documentary”: “The children who go to sea go for a stroll to the shore and by no means actually get there”, he summarized.

Raccionis Max – Diary of a Prisoner (6 mentions)

The 8 minutes composed nearly completely of scenes recorded contained in the now defunct Carandiru in So Paulo made historical past in a nationwide music video. When Racionalis and director Mauricio Aca launched the clip in 1998—which options verses from Josemir Prado—it wasn’t precisely what you noticed on MTV in a blink. In the top, he turned a reference that may be utilized by different teams and style collectives for years on finish.

Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu (5 mentions)

nuclear marakatu, by Chico Science and Nakao Zumbi, and its setting with the air of Brazilian Mad Max, served as the top level for MTV Brasil’s open channel in 2013, the final clip proven by the station. “This track has a visceral energy,” presenter Cucca Lazarotto mentioned earlier than presenting the clip. after all, the scene marakatu They aren’t behind even within the matter of detachment.

Paralamas do Sucesso – He mentioned goodbye (4 mentions)

he mentioned goodbyeby Parlamas (from 1998), is an instance of how scenes with music can play out—the track in regards to the finish of a relationship captures the idealized American couple’s creativeness filtered via the silent movie universe in a enjoyable combine. seeks. The presence of Fernanda Torres within the position of the vengeful spouse is the icing on the cake. “It marks the start of cinema”, summarizes former VJ Marina Persson. “It’s a very cool thought and executed tremendous properly.”

Anita – Vai Malandra (4 mentions)

In 2017, get naughty Funk marked Anita’s triumphant return, the style that launched her into the world a couple of years again. The Moro do Vidigal clip options not solely an Anita lined in oil and a stage type carrying the already well-known ribbon bikini, but additionally MC Zack, Jojo Todinho, mannequin Pietro Baltazar (who goes from Vidigal to Justin Bieber as Justin Bieber). additionally seems). and the TropKilz crew. A clip with further energy.

Duda Beat feat. Clover – not just a little (3 mentions)


Like this he mentioned goodbye, not even a bitA partnership between Duda Beat and rapper Trevo, pays homage to cinema – this time, American canned horror and science fiction from the 80s and 90s. The loopy love story advised by the track is defined by Vampires and Mutants within the clip, titled So Paulo’s model of the basic bicycle flight. ET Alien, The clip was directed by Gustavo Moraes and Marco Laffer (Jodie Alaska), who labored with Luisa Sonza, Pablo Vittar and Anita. turbo mode,

Which of those 6 shortlisted wins as the very best video clip? Give your opinion and watch netizens vote. In the window beneath, click on on Side scroll and scroll down to seek out the choice.

The jury was made up of 10 names from the Brazilian music business, newsroom consultants, and pop names from TV and podcasts. In all, 67 clips have been cited – the choice above is taken into account ‘high of thoughts’, that’s, the one with probably the most mentions from our judges.

To compose the ballot, every despatched us their high 10 with none particular orders, which you’ll see beneath:

Daniel Ganjman
Four-time Latin Grammy-nominated music producer

amicida – good hope
O Rappa – My Soul (The Peace I Don’t Want)
Racionice Max – Diary of a Prisoner
Grave – Rathamhat
Tim Bernardes – Restart
Criollo – Boca de Lobo
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Planet Hemp – Burning Everything
Beco Exu Do Blues – Bluesman
Bayana System – Reza Fort

Andre Vasemani
Editor-in-chief of Chaos journal within the Nineteen Eighties, he additionally headed the journalism division at MTV Brasil.

Ney Matogrosso – South America
Marina Lima – Girl from Ipanema
Caetano Veloso – Alien
Paralamas do Sucesso – He mentioned goodbye
Skunk – National Girl
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
The Rappa – My Soul
Racionice MC – Diary of a Prisoner
Anita – Go, Malandra:
iza – religion

Kenya Sade
Head of the Tres Brasil Channel and Host of the Tô Na Trace Podcast

Beco Exu Do Blues – Bluesman
Gilberto Gil – Kaya en Gana Daya
Lineker – Baby 95
Zinnia France – Shippo
emicida – chrysanthemum
Gabby Amarantos ft. Jalu – Goodbye
Chico Caesar – Mama Africa
Chico Science and Nação Zumbi – Manguetown
Donna Onet – Shark Party
Tasia Rees – Good Morning

Marina Person
Former MTV VJ, Presenter of Cinedrops on Radio Eldorado

Marisa Monte – Follow the Dry
Caetano Veloso – Out of Order
Chico Caesar – Mama Africa
Rappa – my soul
Duck Fu – Made in Japan
Racionice MC – Diary of a Prisoner
Paralamas do Sucesso – She Said Goodbye
Urban Army – Willow
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Titans – Epitaph

duda dello russo
Producer of Trinde das Perucas, Tell Me a Gossip and Disc Bitch podcast

Xênia França – Why do you name me?
Gloria Groove – The Fall
Uriah – Satan
Anita – Vai Malandra:
Duda Beat – Not in any respect
Suit – Oh, oh how I seduce myself
Sandy and Jr. – Vain
amicida – good hope
Criollo – Obtuse System
Supercombo – Asbestos

Aunt Muller
Presenter and former MTV VJ

Rappa – my soul
Suit – Oh, oh how I seduce myself
francisco el hombre – unhappy, mad or unhealthy
Zombie Nation – Manguetown
Pablo Finter – Invincible
Gabriel Pensador – Pipe of Peace
Paralamas do Sucesso – He mentioned goodbye
Racionice MC – Diary of a Prisoner
ladies – xibom bonbon
The Most Beautiful Band within the City – Last Prayer

Rafael Chiocarello
Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Lost Hits

Suits – I Wait No More
Louisa Lian – Iarinhas
sky – bodycontinent
Criollo and Tropkilaz – Obtuse Systems
Heavy Bell feat. Goes – Siranda
Duda Beat feat. Clover – not just a little
Andre Prando – Ghost May Be
Black Drawing Chalk – My Favorite Method
Charlie Brown Jr. – Today I Wake Up Happy (Golden Bell)
Skunk – It’s a Football Match

Claudia Asif
Journalist, curator and founding accomplice of WME – Women’s Concert

Francisco El Hombre and La Pegatina – Olvida from Solo Mure El Que
Gloria Groove – Red
iza – religion
Nego Bala – Dreams
King’s Suite – Days of Youth
Gilson – To wake us up
Tim Bernards – Born, Lives, Dies
Luana Flores – Futuristic Northeast
Rachel Rees – My Little Love
Anita – Boys do not cry

daniel bergamasco
Content Director at GQ Brasil

Anita – Go, Malandra
grave space
Racionice MC – Diary of a Prisoner
The Rappa – My Soul
Grave – Rathamhat
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
I’m bored with being attractive – ala
Paralamas do Sucesso – She Said Goodbye
raimundos – i wanna see hole
Iza – Ginga

amaury terto
GQ Brasil . social media editor in

Resionice MC – Diary of a Prisoner
Anita – Go, Malandra:
The Rappa – My Soul
Duda Beat – Not in any respect
Lin da Quebrada – Prayer
Marisa Monte – Follow Dry
I’m bored with being attractive – ala
Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Atomic Maracatu
Heavy Bell feat. Goes – Siranda
Emicida – Immortal Aloe

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