From Sao Paulo to Sao Vicente. A historical novel. Thematic poem. Here comes the number 65 of “Roots”. – 09/20/2022

Journalist and writer Thais Matarazzo’s most up-to-date guide explores a fading panorama, the Semiterio dos Aflitos, the identify given to the most central of So Paulo’s cemeteries, known as the Semiterio da Gloria, or Cathedral or Santa Casa.

These are tales centered on three characters – Joo Coveiro, Donna Lina and Escrivao Jair – who full one another in a narrative with a starting, center and finish, every in a continuation of story occasions main the reader to the subsequent. does.

“The names and dates of loss of life of the characters in the quick tales on this part are all actual, they have been all buried in the extinct Semiterio dos Aflitos”, informs the writer.

Thais Matarazzo’s new work, in historical significance and story, is comparable to “Abandonados na Roda”, his guide from 1825 to 1950 about deserted youngsters in the Roda dos Expostos da Santa Casa de Misericordia de So Paulo.

In a message exchanged with “Memoria”, Thais explains: “The guide is gloomy and disturbing at the second, nevertheless it portrays a time and the deprivation of inhabitants and the plights of slaves in So Paulo in the previous”. .

In the presentation, Thais Matarazzo does justice to two essential researchers: Adouri Alves and Jair Mongelli Jr., “The Archive of Jairs”.

Adauri, now deceased, collaborated with a number of historians to acquire info in varied areas in So Paulo, from the Mario de Andrade Library to the State Public Archive. He was paid for the work he did, however, anecdotally, he collaborated with individuals who shared area with him in these analysis websites. Adori got here to reside in Maua.

“Jair do Arquivo” works in the So Paulo Metropolitan Curia Archive and succeeded the late Wonderli dos Santos as head.

Read the not too long ago launched “Semitario dos Aflitos”, and likewise learn “Abandonados na Roda” already revealed by “Memoria”, and take a tour by way of previous So Paulo. Before the cemetery of comfort to the cemetery of the victims.

Contact: Editora Matarazzo. cellphone (11) 3991-9506; . (*65*)


Cover Credit 1 – Producing: Camilla Giudice

Active Head – Year XIV, No. 58, August, September, October 2022. The first coastal themed journal. Playing with the creativity of the collaborators, Claudia and Vieira proposed the theme “desk”. The reply got here divinely underneath the brilliance of the cowl, signed by Andrés Nelly Vieira (Beautiful).

“We preserve all our playing cards on the desk with moral transparency succesful of offering us with correct and supreme consolation on a marble desk” (Editor).

“Cat on the desk. Mouse underneath the desk. Will the cat have… sweets?” (Conception Maciel).

“Adult speak. Under the desk I go to sleep amongst the toys” (Joo Angelo Salvador).

“The home is the place the coronary heart is shaped, however the desk is the place it joins” (David Titus).

“I’ll serve you at the desk set. On my again I’m your slave. From the entrance I’m your supervisor” (Zoe Bartholini).

“On the identical submit, the eyes of the fish are mounted in the infinity” (Zamaria Pinto).

“On Father’s Day, there’s so much of meals on the desk. Only Dad is lacking…” (Kioko Hara Tamai).

Next subject: “Rivers”.

To contact the lovely couple from So Vicente: On the Internet, Claudia Brino and Vieira Vivo seem in an interview with DGABC-TV.

Cover Credit 2 – Producing: Nelly Vieira

Freedom – seventh Prayer

From Pietro’s rap to Luann’s satisfaction. The Bicentenary of Independence was celebrated in Asuncion Square. As a background, Centenary Cruzeiro da Independencia, Dr. Celso Gama, leaning there, on the heights of Santo Andre.

Brazil’s Victory

Luan Goltara Garcia

After 322 years of domination

The rule that was there turned the monarchy.

That is the finish of all exploration.

Freedom will now be yours simply.

On the banks of the Ipiranga River,

Victory entered their hearts.

He confirmed who’s the boss.

Enough of misogyny and confusion.

The Portuguese gave up and left

Our virtues, derived from valor

present our new identify now

Long reside Brazil!

Nature and therapeutic!

Dear motherland is revered

see our previous see our historical past

beloved motherland is ideal

We give our life with honor and satisfaction

with him, so long as we stand

we are going to show our perseverance

Because no matter comes and goes.

We will present our stamina.

we’re free to develop endlessly

We are at all times free to evolve

Watch the nation flourish an increasing number of

Look, the nation is progressing quickly.

We carry peace and pleasure in our personal method.

Our qualities carry nice trajectories

We get the world’s consideration in our personal method

that is how i see my story

This is how I write my future.

photograph credit score 3 – reminiscence challenge

We are free. Student Luan: “Victory entered their hearts”

32. revolution of

73rd day: nineteenth September

  • Inexplicable acts of savagery of dictatorial aviation.
  • Bombardment of Campinas (counterattack).

See Title and information from Estadio, ed. 20-9-1932.

On the different hand

From Dario de Getulio Vargas: We have not obtained any main navy information.

diary for half a century

Wednesday, September 20, 1972 – Year XV, 1950 version

Sao Caetano – The metropolis was chosen by the Ministry of Health as a pilot heart for a complete marketing campaign for the prevention and remedy of gynecological cancers all through the nation in collaboration with World and Pan American well being organizations.

Former Mayor Anacleto Campanella was obtained yesterday (19-9-1972) by Dr. Adeeb Jaten at Benificia Portuguesa Hospital in So Paulo.

saints of the day

  • kambukarni
  • Agapito’s mom Father.
  • Candida. Protector of households and the sick.
  • Andre Kim Teegon and fellow Koreans
  • Fausta and Avilacio

as we speak

rubbish collector day

chemical engineer day

farupilha revolution day

brazilian municipalities

  • In the state of So Paulo, as we speak is the anniversary of Itapeva, which was elevated as a municipality in 1769, and Iposu (1925, when it separated from Santa Cruz do Río Pardo).
  • For Brazil: Jauru (MS), Pantano Grande (RS), Para de Minas (MG), Ponte Alta (SC), Valenca do Piau (PI).


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