Why do Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde make a great couple, according to astrology?

subsequent launch of Don’t fear — directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles — has already induced a storm of juicy drama and an infinite stream of memorable moments. But the movie can be the core of the much-discussed romance between Wilde and Styles. The pair reportedly met on the set of the movie in 2020, which sparked controversy from the beginning, as Wilde was engaged to her former associate Jason Sudeikis on the time. Wilde introduced the top of their engagement in November 2020 and was seen holding fingers and attending Styles’ marriage ceremony in January 2021 whereas the movie was nonetheless in manufacturing. A couple of days later, they have been confirmed as an merchandise and have maintained a comparatively low-key relationship since then. Despite some current breakup rumours, the high-profile couple continues to be going sturdy.

as Don’t fear Drama on everybody’s tongue, I had to take a look at this couple’s connection by way of an astrological lens. Using their dates of start and locations, I checked out their relationship astrology utilizing a course of referred to as synastry, which reveals how the planets in your chart are interacting with one another. Based on the celebs, it is clear that Wilde and Styles have the potential for an intense and transformative bond.

“Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles share an early, uncooked, heat AF connection,” astrologer Stephanie Campos informed Bustle. “The chemistry is off the charts, and after they noticed one another there was most likely instantaneous knowledge and emotion.”

Read on for all of the star-studded particulars of Wilde and Styles’ astrological compatibility.

solar signal and air signal alignment

Stiles (born February 1, 1994) is an ethereal and eccentric Aquarius, whereas Wilde (born March 10, 1984) is a passionate and watery Pisces. Based on their solar indicators alone, Styles and Wild might not appear notably suitable. While Aquarius and Pisces are neighbors, the energies of those zodiac indicators typically method life in conflicting methods – Aquarius is extra distant and purposeful and Pisces is extra intuitive and emotion-oriented. But one main similarity between these two very totally different indicators? Both Aquarius and Pisces are deeply artistic souls who’re drawn to work in a distinctive approach.

Styles There are 4 particular person planets in Aquarius, which embrace the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. And whereas the Pisces Sun of the Wild might not agree with this air signal vitality, its seductive Gemini Moon and eccentric Venus in Aquarius definitely do. The Moon guidelines our feelings and Venus guidelines love, so the important air signal placements of the Wild align fantastically with the highly effective Aquarius of the Styles.

Getting Romantic with the Love Planet Venus

Let’s speak extra about Venus – in any other case generally known as the planet of affection and relationships, and some of the essential planets when it comes to figuring out romantic compatibility. Both Wild and Style have Venus within the mental signal of Aquarius. Sharing a Venus signal means they’ll relate when it comes to how they need to give and obtain affection, their flirting strategies and typically how to conduct intimate relationships. It helps intimacy and romance stream easily and brings a sense of consolation and familiarity to the rhythm of the connection.

In addition to sharing the Venus signal, Styles makes a candy sextile side to Uranus, the surprising and peculiar planet within the chart of Venus Wild. It brings an electrical sense of pleasure to the partnership, doubtlessly bringing them nearer collectively in uncommon or unconventional methods. Wild’s Venus additionally joins with Mercury—the planet of communication—in Stiles’s start chart. This ensures that the heart-to-heart dialog flows easily between the 2 lovebirds and strengthens their flirtatious and mentally stimulating romantic connection.

Planet Deep spells transformation for Wilde and Stiles

While the ethereal Aquarian connection between Wilde and Stiles’ graphics provides to the relaxed enjoyable, there are additionally another highly effective planetary points that convey depth, depth, and seriousness to this relationship. Saturn is the planet of longevity and laborious work, and types kind an nearly good triple side to Wilde’s Pluto—in any other case generally known as the planet of the intense. A triangle is the happiest and most harmonious relationship that two planets can have with one another, and on this case it may possibly point out the potential for a deeply transformative relationship. Each half is probably going to be taught terrifying life classes and endure main private modifications as a results of this union.

Speaking of Pluto, this darkish and mysterious planet can be included in a few of the different sturdy points of Wilde and Stiles’s synastry. “They share the Mars-Pluto connection between their maps, [which are] Known to convey heat and a sprint of drama,” Campos says. Mars is the planet of sensuality, energy, and ardour—so, with Pluto’s power-hungry prowess, these ties intense, “Mars-Pluto points can convey out our darkish sides in relationships and predispose us to ardour, jealousy, and manipulation,” says Campos. “On the optimistic aspect, there’s additionally the chance to change these instincts collectively to alchemy and create one thing new.” In different phrases, this couple’s chemistry just isn’t for the faint of coronary heart, however it may possibly catalyze a non secular rebirth inside each side that can change them perpetually.

Planetary squares convey challenges and improvement

Squares are thought-about tough points in astrology as a result of they are often difficult and anxious – however they’re additionally great promoters of progress as a result of their vitality can positively problem us and assist us flip corners and discover options. . There are some essential sections in Wilde and Styles’ synesthes that convey a lot of intrigue to their partnership.

For starters, Styles’ Sun is squared to Wilde’s Saturn, which signifies that the couple can problem one another in each optimistic and unfavorable methods. For instance, Wilde’s authority and private guidelines can typically inhibit Styles’ self-expression. That mentioned, this dynamic may also lead to long-term artistic successes for each events – as Saturn’s robust love vitality is right here to assist elevate us.

Meanwhile, Wildes is squared off Venus Styles’ Pluto. Pluto vitality is all about energy, so this tough side may give the connection an obsessive or all-consuming vitality. However, it additionally generates a sturdy need between each the companions, creating a deep romantic depth. The pair additionally share one other sq. between Pluto and Mars, which, according to Campos, “will increase sexual stress” between them.

With such sturdy class points related to some intense planets, Wilde and Styles can search a energy wrestle inside their partnership. It’s a notably intriguing and tough dynamic to navigate given the general public discourse surrounding the couple’s 10-year age distinction, the pressures of being within the public eye, in addition to the working relationship they share on set. . , Don’t fear,


The astrological compatibility of Wilde and Styles reveals the potential for deep transformational progress together with equal elements easy-flowing psychic connections. While the connection would not essentially have to be rainbows and sunshine 24/7, the couple has the cosmic skill to climate one another’s heavy storms and darkish nights—which is arguably much more priceless. “One factor is definite: each shall be perpetually modified by this partnership,” Campos says. So don’t fret, expensive – astrology charts really feel that there’s nonetheless a lot to be written when it comes to this star-studded love story.

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