Chaos: The Civil War That Inspired ‘House of the Dragon’

George RR Martin by no means hid that books historical past of ice and hearth Inspired by the Wars of the Roses, between the Lancaster (Lanisters) and York (Starks) households. However, this historic occasion was not the just one that impressed the creator. present hbo manufacturing, dragon homeprimarily based on e book hearth and blood It additionally has its origins in an English historic battle.

Is recognized AnarchyIn the civil warfare that Martin impressed, there have been no dragons, however energy struggles, betrayals, bastard youngsters, and so much of bloodshed. Below we inform you a bit of about this phenomenon and the way it’s mirrored dragon home,


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Henry I dominated England between 1100 and 1135. He married Edith of Scotland the similar 12 months he assumed the throne, and the queen quickly gave start to 2 youngsters: Mathilde and William. He additionally had some illegitimate youngsters and, like one of Martin’s books, would quickly return.

The queen died in 1118, however since she had left a male inheritor, Henry I nonetheless had a steady authorities. However, two years later, William boarded a ship in Normandy to return to England.

According to the British Library, the 17-year-old prince and different younger royals had tied up some sailors whereas they have been ingesting. Before lengthy, the crew misplaced management of the ship, which ran headlong over a cliff. The ship sank, leaving England with no male inheritor.

Like Viserys Targaryen, Henry I discovered himself in a predicament and married a a lot youthful girl, Adéliza of Leuven, in the hope of having one other inheritor. But in contrast to Viserys and Lady Alicent Hightower, Henry and Adéliza had no youngsters.

To stop his dynasty from shedding the proper to the throne and to attempt to safe some political stability, in 1127 the king known as his courtroom to swear allegiance to his daughter Matilda as inheritor to the throne. . All agreed, however their speak lasted solely till the demise of the king in 1135.


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Shortly after the demise of Henry I, the courtroom favored Stephen of Blois, the king’s nephew. He had been an element of the courtroom since childhood and his marriage to the Countess of Bologna additional cemented his identify. Taking benefit of the undeniable fact that hardly a girl might preserve herself as ruler in the twelfth century, Stephen was topped in December 1135 with the blessing of the Pope.

Matilda, who had married Henry V in 1114, then Holy Roman Emperor, determined to ally herself with Robert of Gloucester, his half-brother and one of Henry I’s illegitimate sons. Together they seize Stephen, who turns into a prisoner. , whereas Matilda assumed. throne for a short while.

However, the political scenario in England was fairly chaotic and with Robert being held hostage, he was compelled to go away London and launch Stephen in trade for his half-brother. Realizing that there was now not any strategy to take the throne, Matilda moved to Normandy along with her second husband, Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou.

At this level, the lack of a robust consultant plunged England into a really violent civil warfare – therefore the identify “The Anarchy” for the interval. Stephen regained the throne, however not credibility.

He tried to make his son Eustace IV his successor, however he died earlier than this might occur in 1153, appointing Matilda’s son Henry II, beneath excessive strain from his courtroom, as the true inheritor to the crown, a The title he claimed the following 12 months, when King Stephen died.

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