death of queens of england

Poison, beheading, most cancers and smallpox. These are some of the causes of the death of the seven heirs to the English throne.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marked the tip of a lady’s seventh probability at Britain’s most essential throne.

queen girl jane grey

Joan Grey, higher referred to as Lady Jane Grey, dominated for under 9 days in 1553. As a consequence, he’s not listed among the many official English monarchs.

The Nine Days Queen ascended the throne after the death of Edward VI, turning into the primary lady to obtain the English crown. However, Maria Tudor took the crown for herself, leaving Lady Jane behind.

Lady Jane was accused of treason and beheaded on the age of 16.

Queen Mary 1

Mary I of England or Mary Tudor was the primary queen to rule England in her personal proper. His reign lasted from 1553 to 1558.

She grew to become referred to as Bloody Mary (Mary the Bloody in Portuguese) for persecuting a whole bunch of Protestants to revive Catholicism in England.

Historians consider that Queen Mary I suffered from most cancers of the uterus or ovaries, which, together with failure to conceive an inheritor, may have led to her death at solely 42 years of age.

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I used to be the final monarch within the Tudor line of succession, ruling from 1558 to 1603.

She grew to become referred to as the Virgin Queen as a result of she was by no means married, however she is believed to have had many lovers and lovers.

Queen Elizabeth I died on the age of 70, though the trigger of her death stays a thriller. Some consider the blood poisoning is attributable to the use of lead-based make-up referred to as Venetian cereus. Others say it was pneumonia, strep throat (contaminated tonsils) or most cancers.

Queen Mary 2

Mary II was the one queen in English and British historical past to have joint sovereignty and powers equal to that of her husband and cousin William of Orange. His reign lasted from 1689 to 1694.

Queen Mary II died of smallpox on the age of solely 32.

queen anne

Anne was the final Stuart Emperor and her reign lasted from 1702 to 1714. She was finest recognized for signing the Act of Union between the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in 1707 and later uniting the nations of England, Wales and Scotland to kind Britain.

The monarch suffered eighteen pregnancies, leading to 4 miscarriages, eight stillbirths, six dwell births who died earlier than her second birthday and an inheritor, Prince William, who died on the age of eleven.

Queen Anne died on the age of 49 after struggling a collection of strokes a number of days earlier.

Queen Victoria

Victoria was the final monarch of the Royal House of Hanover and reigned from 1837 to 1901, turning into the second longest-reigning monarch within the nation and the longest-reigning queen on this planet.

Victoria, who used to experience in an open carriage, was the goal of eight assassination makes an attempt in her lifetime.

In the final yr of her life, she grew to become so weak that she had to make use of a wheelchair, she was virtually blind, and she or he had misplaced a lot weight that an osteoarthritic hump fashioned in her higher again. Queen Victoria died on the age of 81.

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