Queen’s death doesn’t change religious tradition in Brazil with British origins

With about 120 individuals, the Anglican neighborhood of Canoes in So Lucas Parish celebrates its 76th birthday on 18 October. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II final week and which marks seven days this Thursday (fifteenth), the Anglican Church of which the monarch was an element was in proof. However, in keeping with Bishop Humberto Maizetegui, the death of the queen didn’t intervene with the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil. “We don’t pray for the queen or the king.”

There are 120 individuals from the Anglican neighborhood in Canoas.
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He factors out that, regardless of being a part of the “Anglican Communion” that exists in 42 provinces unfold over 170 international locations, the Anglican Episcopal Church in Brazil has its origins in the Anglican Church of the United States. “The queen was a political chief of the church. In Brazil we pray for our rulers.”


The bishop defined that there are two actions throughout the Anglican Church, Protestant and Catholic. “We are additionally Catholic, however not Roman Apostolic.” Many Protestants emigrated to the United States. According to Humberto, this facet additional opened up the Church, which is adopted on Brazilian soil. “For instance, we permit LGBT marriage, which has attracted a whole lot of new believers on the lookout for a spot of religion.”

The rector of So Lucas Parish, Leán Rachel Kurtz de Almeida, says that this opening has triggered some individuals to go away the neighborhood. “Many individuals do not perceive. But we have to construct a fairer, extra egalitarian and inclusive society.” Humberto concluded by saying that the position of the Church is to comply with Jesus Christ. “In Porto Alegre, one in all our pastoral colleagues is homosexual, married and has simply adopted a toddler.”

journey to england

Bishop Humberto was in England after the Lamberth Conference, between 28 July and 9 August. The occasion is a global gathering of Anglican bishops and focuses on church affairs and the mission of the Anglican Communion.

Humberto nonetheless didn’t meet Queen Elizabeth II. “She was already sick and did not attend the occasion as normal.” The bishop defined that because the host nation, it was customary for the Queen to be there to welcome religious leaders from around the globe. “The position of the Queen, and now King Charles III, is merely to ratify the acts of the Church, making certain that selections will not be taken in opposition to the British state.”

The theme of the convention is “God’s Church for God’s World” and Anglican leaders are convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury each ten years. The occasion is being organized since 1867 and this 12 months was the fifteenth occasion in historical past. Humberto was in England, the primary was in 2019. “In none of them did I discover Elizabeth II.” Apart from the Queen, no member of the royal household was current on the occasion.

The parish in Canoasee has a household tradition.

Luke’s Day on October 18, 1946, the Parish of Canoes originated in two households: the Silva and the Fortes. “I’ve six brothers and we’ve all the time been Anglicans,” says 78-year-old Ari Fortes. Services happen each Sunday, all the time at 9:30 am.

Dean Lean has additionally all the time been an Anglican, with a tradition beginning with her grandmother. This didn’t occur with Bishop Humberto. Uruguay, he was baptized in the Methodist Church. “The Anglican Church in Uruguay was solely in English, so I used to be baptized into Methodist and later turned an Anglican”, says he, who was one of many founders of the Anglican Church of Uruguay.

Rio Grande do Sul has three dioceses, Porto Alegre, to which Humberto is accountable, Santa Maria and Pelotas. “Rio Grande do Sul is the state the place there are extra Anglicans in Brazil, about 20,000”, he says. There are 9 dioceses in the nation and there are at the moment six diocese and three diocese in the nation.

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