If Tarcisio doesn’t break up with the deputy after the debate, the election could change.

columnist of uol José Roberto de Toledo took half in the evaluation of the debate promoted by uol, in partnership with TV Cultura and the Folha de S Paulo newspaper for the authorities of So Paulo, and reported that aggression by journalist Vera Magalhos, a supporter of the candidate Tarcisio de Freitas (Republican), could change the course of the election. For Toledo, a miss by Tarcisio would symbolize an endorsement of the attacker’s perspective.

“If Tarcisio doesn’t minimize ties and strongly condemned this joker, he’ll endure. Because the marketing campaign will help the fascist perspective of this idiot. Because of Tarcisio, who was the winner, he got here throughout as the large loser. He might have taken these fascist allies there,” he stated.

Toledo additionally identified that Tarcisio’s habits and perspective would decide the route of the election. “Either Tarcisio is basically damaged, or I predict that the election in So Paulo might change”.

He additionally highlighted that whereas Tarcisio’s efficiency throughout the debate was commendable, that state’s deputy, Douglas Garcia (Republican), jeopardized every little thing with aggression.

“After the debate, it was the state deputy who was there at the invitation of Rodrigo García and dedicated this vandalism, from the identical social gathering, this man threw every little thing down the drain for Tarcisio”.

Bombig: Tarcisio deputy leaves debate with issues after assaults Vera

“It can take the vote of Bolsonaro and Tarcisio, hey [Douglas Garcia] Tarcisio was in his cheerleading squad, so it is up to Tarcisio de Freitas. I feel Tarcisio will problem a notice in solidarity with Vera and reject it. It’s not sufficient to go away a notice, however he must do one thing”, analyzed Alberto Bombig.

He additionally warned that the perspective taken by Tarcisio de Freitas can be an incredible watershed in his marketing campaign with regard to Bolsonarism transferring away or turning into more and more shut.

“You must reject this aggression from somebody who was his visitor, so it is dangerous. At the second when Tarcisio tries to go to the middle, steer clear of this radicalization of Bolsonaro, he ought to in all probability be on this episode. Have to take a stand. To be capable to perceive whether or not Tarcisio is a Bolsomnian or not. How will he current himself on this matter?”.

Toledo: ‘Coup’ Haddad and Tarcisio present preferences for commencement and second spherical

José Roberto de Toledo stated of Fernando Haddad and Tarcisio de Freitas’ efficiency throughout the debate, “the couple is already made up and prefer to face one another in the second spherical”.

Toledo additionally highlighted that Taricio’s sole goal right now was to succeed in the second spherical, and that the precedence of the conflict was additionally clear throughout the debate laps.

“It is so clear that one likes the different, that in contrast to the presidential debates by which Bolsonaro and Lula’s advisers requested them to separate in the debates, in that they stayed there intermittently, asking one another for data. Haddad and Haddad had been giving”.

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