Elize Matsunaga kills her husband: “I cut off my arms afterward”

Alice Matsunaga is launched from jail after ten years in jail

Brazil closed on May 19, 2012 Elise Matsunaga, That’s as a result of she killed her personal husband, Marcos MatsunagaShot within the head inside the home.

However, after 10 years, The subject reappeared as a result of an interview on the “Flow” podcast.

In quick, Bruno Monteiro Aiubo And Igor Rodrigues Coelho consultant invited mauro diaswho dealt with the case of Elise Matsunaga, and spoke concerning the occasions.

At the beginning of the chat, the consultant defined how he took on the case of Marcos Matsunaga’s killer.

“He stated to me: ‘Do you need to take one other case?’ I requested who the useless man was and he stated: ‘Nobody is aware of’. Marcos is but to be recognized.”Started the delegate, who continued:

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“There was nothing within the investigation, I checked out a bit of the post-mortem report. By the time I do know the title of the useless man, every week, I’ll know who killed him.”Mauro Dias stated.

Then, the consultant defined how he would know who dedicated the homicide: “The precision of the cut is exact, the individual works with the knife, offers with this stuff”.

A couple of days after receiving the info, Mauro Dias found that Elise Matsunaga had killed Marcos Matsunaga.

Representative talks about the case of Elise Matsunaga (breeding)
Representative talks concerning the case of Elise Matsunaga (breeding)

Details of how the killer killed the husband

after the interview, A line of murderers additionally reappeared. Everything occurred through the interrogation.

in season, Alice Matsunaga terrifies the Brazilians by telling them how she killed Mauro Dias.

The combat between them began when the killer suspected that her husband was with one other lady i.e. dishonest on her.

“I advised him to cease mendacity and I knew every little thing and I employed a detective. He panicked, slammed his hand on the desk, swore a bitch, slut at me and in my face Slapped. “Elise Matsunaga started.

While the combating was occurring, the girl went to a different room in the home in So Paulo and took a gun the couple had stored.

“I did not anticipate this from him, I used to be scared, I needed him to cease. He noticed me armed and I pointed a gun at him. He was cursing at me, he did not cease, he stored going”stated the killer, who continued:

“was shocked [quando me viu com a arma] And began laughing, stated that I shouldn’t have the braveness to shoot. They stated I used to be a p*** so I may go to Paraná with my b**** household and go away my daughter right here. When he stated I would not see my daughter anymore, I could not stand it. And I shot”The lady was admitted.

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Also, Alice Matsunaga. Confessed that he needed to cover the physique and that chopping it was the one manner. So she dragged him to a room and began breaking him into items.

,I cut my arms… It was robust as a result of I used to be robust. Then it was the stomach and the neck. I put it within the bag and suitcase,stated the killer.

Are you continue to in jail?

On May 30, 2022, Elise Matsunaga was launched from the Tremembe Women’s Penitentiary after ten years in jail.

A courtroom choice granted him parole. According to Matsunaga’s lawyer Agnia Estado, the forecast is that the sentence at liberty can be served by January 2028.

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