What is the difference between Prince, Lord, Duke, Viscount and others?

With the dying of Queen Elizabeth II, the names of different members of the British royal household have emerged, who now make headlines amidst funeral ceremonies following the monarch’s dying.

Everyone has a title earlier than their identify and every has a that means. In the case of those that are of royal blood and are in the line of succession to the throne, the predominant ones are the prince and the princess – the heirs of the king or queen.

This is the case with Prince Charles, who now takes the throne as King, and who is also called the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’, a title of the Aristocracy.

All of those titles are talked about on the official web site of the British royal household and symbolize the energy that every has – and it varies in accordance with sure guidelines: it may be a level of proximity to the king or queen , a share of land commanded, or additionally an honor given to somebody who has performed nice service.

In the UK so as of significance and energy, different titles are divided in the following order:

Duke / Duchess

It is the title with the biggest energy after the king/queen. Like the different posts, it was created in the fifth century after the fall of the Roman Empire and the starting of its subsequent rule.

In apply, since a few of the states had been very massive, it was essential to divide the duties of the territories. Thus, the duke was the one who had the process of administering most of the land of the kingdom.

It is additionally the highest title that an individual who is not of royal blood can maintain. Appointments are normally made amongst navy commanders, sons or family of the king.


It is the second most necessary title in royalty and is thought-about a extremely trusted male/feminine by the king for the administration of an space. In the previous, individuals with this title had civil and navy energy in the space they dominated.

rely / countess

Third in the hierarchy of titles, a rely was answerable for the administration of a province of the kingdom, but in addition suggested the king on varied issues, even having the ability to accumulate taxes and management wars. .

It is a title that virtually now not exists in monarchies round the world, however some well-known names amongst British royals are Edward Antony Richard Lewis, Earl of Wessex; and Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, ‘Earl of Spencer’, who was Princess Diana’s brother and Elizabeth II’s godson.

Viscount / Viscountess

The title of who might change the rely was given such that the identify ‘vice-count’ resulted. Administratively, they might management small, village-sized territories.

In England, a really well-known Viscount is Viscount Althorp, who is at all times Earl Spencer’s eldest son and inheritor. The present Viscount Althorp is Louis Frederick John Spencer, nephew of the late Princess Diana.


In the previous, these had been normally the males who had the lowest energy in the royal hierarchy as a result of they commanded the territories the dimension of the fields or farms. Still, they wanted to be revered and handled like royalty.

In Brazil, a well known determine was Irinue Evangelista de Souza, the son of the peasant ‘Barro de Mouá’ and who acquired the title in the nineteenth century by the Brazilian Emperor D. Pedro II.

Maua was a pioneer in the industrialization of Brazil and was answerable for the building of main tasks, comparable to the first railroad in-built the nation, the Estrada de Ferro Maua, and the set up of gas-powered road lighting in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

different title


These are girls who marry into the royal household however can not run for the throne. The identical is the case with Camilla Parker Bowles, the present spouse of Charles III, who will formally be the King’s spouse. In this case, she receives the title of Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

This rule solely applies to girls who marry a king. If a person marries a queen, he will likely be known as a prince’s spouse. This is the case of Prince Philip, who was married to Queen Elizabeth II. Because there is an outdated rule in the British monarchy that solely the heirs to the throne may be known as the king.


It is a title that may be mixed with others, comparable to a duke or earl. It may also be a courtesy to the son of an necessary member of the royal household. A lord is equal to a ‘dom’, as was a ‘d’ in Brazil. Pedro’ the first and second.

In the outdated days, a lord was nonetheless an individual of excessive navy rank or of nice belief in the king, as in the case of earls. In the United Kingdom, the members of the higher home of the English Parliament are known as Lords.

Woman is God, most famously Princess Diana, or ‘Lady Di’.


It is equal to ‘Sir’, however with the precise place. In the previous, it was a title given to somebody thought-about revered inside a navy profession, nevertheless it is at the moment given by the king/queen to somebody who has no royal bloodline, however who is in society. He is acknowledged for his nice works.

Whoever receives this title has ‘Sir’ subsequent to his identify, the most well-known being ‘Sir’ Paul McCartney, ‘Sir’ Mick Jagger and ‘Sir Elton John’.

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